The Weekend...

This past weekend was a really good weekend.

Even though we had to wake up to an alarm on Saturday, it was still a good morning. The girls woke first, fed themselves, and watched T.V. quietly, allowing Jason and I to sleep until the alarm went off at 8 a.m.  Once we hit the snooze a few times, I finally got out of bed. Jason fell back asleep for another hour or two. After he was up and running, he and the girls left on a reconnaissance mission to the auto paint store and I started to get ready for my day with the Ladies. 

For the first time in a LONG time, I was actually ready and waiting, instead of having everyone else ready and waiting on me!!  These are the flowers I received from Mel. Aren't they beautiful?!?

Once everyone arrived we had a small cocktail to toast the day with. It was delicious!

↑ It was DELICIOUS!! (we couldn't find starfruit this time of year in Michigan, so we cut apples & pears into stars)

Then it was off for a day of Lacy Bits shopping, Lunch and tons of laughter. It was one of the best time I'd ever had shopping for frilly things. I don't usually buy the frilly stuff, because....well if you know me you know I'm more in the need of Hardware than I am Frilly.  LOL Still it was long over due, and I'm happy I went. Thank you to all the Ladies for a fabulous day of fun & laughter. I can't wait for next time!!

After a day with the Ladies for me, and a Daddy & Daughter day for Jason, we were north bound with the girls to visit my sister and the Best Nieces in the Entire World (you better tell the twins I wrote this, Valisatie).  We had a blast playing games, laughing and fighting over the bowl of home made cookies (thanks sis) that melt in your mouth. We love you guys! Tell Bob we said HELLO!!

On Sunday we were finally able to wake up on our own with NO alarm clock. And the girls didn't wake us up. In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for our friends son. He turned 3. Hay rides, cake & ice cream, a pinata in the shape of a tractor, friends & laughter filled the day. Due to the fact that all of the photos had other people's children in them I will respect their privacy and not post them. However, I did take a nice photo of the sun.

After the party we had dinner with the Soristos & the Fishers. More laughs with great friends. Thanks Guys!!

OH YEAH!! Side note to Valisatie →→ I got to drive a Corvette on Sunday..♫♪♫Nanna-Nanna-Nanna-Nanna♫♪♫


Today actually started out well considering the girls were up late again.

This is the sky while the girls were waiting for the bus.

Then the sun came out....

I was taking photos of my kitchen window for a project of a friend, anyways, I went out on the back deck and noticed that I yet again had more roses!!! Yay!!

*Remember to click on the photos to see the true details.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend, and today started out beautiful.  Thank you to all our friends for making the weekend great!



  1. You're welcome for the cookies and I'm glad you liked them. That's okay about the Corvette, they're not my favorite cars. But I will send you a pic of a car I got drive - can you say Camero?? Love you too Sis and I'm glad you had a great weekend.

  2. And there are no cookies left for Jon-Jon... yeah, yeah, yeah! ;)

    The roses are gorgeous!
    May this week be as fabulous as the weekend!

  3. Hey Sis,

    I'll be sure to brag for you to Jason. lol It was a blast. I promise to bring you're bowl back soon. And full at that!!

    I love you
    ♥ you
    ♥ me

  4. Oh Jon-Jon I didn't forget about you. I have your cookies right here. Well, one less now. I had to eat one, they smelled so devine... ;)

    Thanks Hon. I do nothing but keep the grass cut around the roses. It's all the angels doings now.

    Calins mon cher,


  5. sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and lots of fun. the morning sky is beautiful as are the roses. by the way with all that new frilly stuff should we now call you HotMama ;)


  6. Aw Thanks Becca.

    I could go for HotMama since I ran all out of Sugar. hehe!


  7. It was a great time on Saturday! Looking forward ti doing it again soon.

    Love yah! <3 <3 <3

  8. Lacey bits...ON A GIRL?!? Oh the sheer horror of it all!!


    P.S. "Hardware", HAHA {:-D

  9. Haha! You do realize, Rafa, that the link isn't to photos of me wearing the Lacy Bits, right? You should check it out, never know, pink might be your color, it goes real well with the swarthy types!! LOL

    Love You,

    p.s. you know me, gotta have my "Hardware" ;P

  10. Me too Mel, it was definitely a blast. I may have to count cans for next time though, I already have my eye on some stuff!!

    Love Yah!


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