It's like a dream...

I'm not sure what's going on with the sunsets and sunrises these days, but I feel blessed to witness so much beauty. And from my own yard none the less.

*NOTE:  Click on the photos to enlarge them and then they really show  their beauty, especially the last one.

I was preparing to take the trash bin out to the curb last night I noticed the sky was turning a brilliant pink. I grabbed my camera and on my way I went. This is what I saw. The amazing thing is that this view is facing East.

Then as I looked to the right I saw another thing of beauty. Look closely, it's not too big or bright, but it's there.

After I set the bin beside the drive I turn around and this is what I saw.

I crouched down and took this photo. It's my favorite.

I'd like to apologize to my neighbors and all the people driving by during my photo session for having to see me in my pajama's and my horrid bed head that just got worse the entire day.  :)

I hope the beauty all around us lately only gets better as the seasons turn.



  1. The pictures are unbelievable - absolutely amazing.
    Love ya Sis!

  2. Thank You.

    ♥ You
    ♥ Me


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