This weeks Haiku contest is being hosted by Boxer at Anonymous Boxer. The theme is Smoke and by now the winner has probably been picked. Anyways here's my submission without visuals. **visual added late** Thanks Rafa for the help!

Ear splitting alarm.
Smoke billowing through the house.
Who wants some take out?!

Visual by: Rafa

Good Luck to all the competition, and Thank you to Boxer for stepping up an hosting. Good Luck judging.

Love Huggs


Haiku Senso...

This weeks Haiku Monday contest is being hosted by Rafa at Ramblings From My Typer. He's chosen the theme of Senso, or sense for those of us non-Italian speaking folk.  Take a minute to pop on over and check out my competition this week. You may even feel inspired enough to leave one of your own in the comments.


Lost souls serching for
salvation. His light shines down
and all is not lost.

I might be off with the theme, but when I initially read the theme my mind went blank. Even after reading all the wonderful entries by others my mind was still blank. As I sat at the computer zoning out, trying to search the depths of my mind (a scary place to be I tell ya) for inspiration the sun came out and shone down over my shoulder and onto my key board. The only think in my mind then was the sense of Hope. One of the best feelings in the world is the sense of hope you get when you think all is lost. So there you have it. My interpretation of sense. 

Thanks for a wonderful theme Rafa, and aren't ya proud of me? I posted on time, even early!! LOL Good luck judging, the competition is stiff this week. I've got my bets on Serendipity with her 'Senso' poem. Hubba-Hubba!

Love Huggs

Because I promised I would...


White, brown, even green.
Delicate shells, rich centers.
Cadbury's the best!!