Morning dew

It was a cool & dewy morning here today. Take a peek.

I don't know what this is, but it looked really cool! Also the light shining through was pure luck!

A faerie mushroom!

A little bit o' luck creeping up in my flowers.

My favorite photo of the day.

Also some of you have seen Kiera's tomato plant she brought home from school in June. If not, here's the over grown wild thing.

 As you can see by the illustrations, the plant has well outgrown a large tomato rack. What to do? What to do? Thanks to the Sailor all is well now!

As you can see we resorted to attaching fencing to the shed and wrapping the whole plant in order to support the whole thing. The tomatoes are too large to pick through the holes, but no worries it detaches easily for harvesting.

And thanks to my friend Jay in France I am currently caterpillar free!! He provided information on how to prevent tomato worms and other caterpillars & insects from ruining my plants & vegetables. I found this ugly, not to mention HUGE, guy and two more the next day feasting away on my plant!!.

The Sailor disposed of them and I used my new knowledge of organic gardening to keep anymore from showing up and to kill any eggs left behind. FYI search "Neem Oil" to learn about organic pesticides safe for fruits & vegetables.

It was a beautiful morning!


**NOTE: I didn't use any special visual effects on the photos outside of adding a white boarder and my name tag.

Summer Vacation

Vacation may be over for the kids, but it's just starting for all of us moms & dads out there. Especially for the stay at home parents or the ones who work from home. All I can say is.... sigh..... lol!

Don't get me wrong, I love my girls to pieces. Having said that, I can only take so much one on one with them. With Lily on the cusp of puberty at 12 and Kiera at 8 thinking she needs to ask the same question 5 times in a row without even listening to the answer I am about on my last nerve. I will admit that this past summer hasn't been as frustrating as summers past mainly due to the fact that the Sailor now works 7 on 7 off. With him home from work every other week I was able to get that small break here and there that all stay at home parents need in order to maintain their sanity. That is if they have any sanity left!

For the most part I would rank our summer as one of the better summers we've had. Minus a few heartbreaking moments. We were all strong and supportive for each other and made it through the tough times allowing ourselves to enjoy the fun times.

Yesterday was the first day of school for the girls. All went well despite the fact that middle school, due to construction, did not have an open house where Lily would have received her new locker & class schedule before the first day, and Kiera brought home the wrong lunch box. The girls were amazing getting ready for school. I didn't have to yell at them once and there were no 'first day of school last minute crisis's'. Thank God!

Of course I forgot to get pictures of both the girls dressed up all snazzy and sharp for their first day of school. I know, naughty mom! I will tell you that Lily was the picture of a sweet young lady in her blue jean skirt and tailored short sleeved polo (thank you again Toni F. for all your generous clothing donations). I'm telling you she's not a little girl anymore. Kiera was cute as a button in her black w/teal polka dots dress and black tights.

If you'll take note, I haven't called my girls midgets today. For those new here I usually refer to my girls as midgets, the tall midget and the short midget. Well Monday night we measured the girls to see how much they grew since their birthdays in March. Kiera has grown approximately 1 1/2 inches making her now 4 foot 3 3/4 inches tall. That's 51 3/4 inches making her now eligible to ride all the rides at the fair. We haven't told her this yet because we don't want to hear about the fair 20 times a night. She will be so excited!! Lily has grown 2 inches topping her out at an even 5 foot 4 inches tall. Yes people, my twelve year old is now officially taller than her Aunt Valisatie who measures in at just under 5'3". I do believe she will be taller than me (even if I did quit shrinking). So now you see why I haven't referred to the girls as midgets. They will just be plain old Monkeys from now on.

All in all it was a good summer vacation for the girls and I'm wishing nothing but the best of luck for their new school year. :)