Confession Time

Ordering Christmas gifts for my girls online makes me all happy and giddy for many reasons.

~ I don't have to deal with annoying people while hunting down the best gifts.

~ I can compare prices without using a tank of gas going from store to store, only to return to the first store to purchase the gift. 

~ I don't have to drive as much in bad weather. Nor do I have to transport tons of packages from store to car, then from car to house. I have a tendency to fall in the winter months (snow or no snow). Carrying packages only unbalances me more. 

~ I love getting packages in the mail, even if they aren't for me (sad, I know).

~ last, but not least, I love the looks on the girls faces when I get packages and tell them it's a Christmas gift for one of them.  Listening to them beg for me to just tell them who it's for is wonderful. So far they haven't come up with any good bribes! LOL

Don't get me wrong, going out and shopping for Christmas gifts is very fun. It's just that it becomes daunting after a while. Being able to do the majority of the shopping online really helps in allowing my Christmas cheer to stay at a high level when I do go out in public during the winter holidays. 

Good luck to all who are out there shopping! Be safe and trust no-one! Especially that one shopper who sidles up close to you, and lingers, as you're checking out the last of an item on the shelf. They are just waiting for you to set it down to compare it to the other model so they can snatch it. True story!

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas my friends. 



My first Christmas package of the season!!!  All the way from Quebec!! I LOVE IT!!