Promised Land:

Ending quickly a
Life full of grand memories.
See you in Heaven.

I Love you Robb...

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Love Huggs



At the turn of the new year I was tagged in a post by my friend Becca from Everyday Life.  Since this was during the time of my internet avoidance I never got around to doing my part of it. This week she was tagged again and instead of tagging others she chose to let those who wanted to participate to do so on their own. I figured now would be as good a time as any to to do mine, however I will be using Becca's most recent post for the questions. So here are the rules:

Rule #1: Thank the person who tagged you.

     Thank you Becca!! You're a wonderful person, and a grand friend to have.

Rule #2: Post 11 random things about yourself.

  1. I hate belts. I would rather hike my pants up every other minute than be forced to wear a belt. Which sucks because I've lost a few pounds and ALL my pants fall just enough to be considered ill fitting.
  2. For the most part I've worn the same perfume for 14-15 years. 
  3. I don't eat fish of any kind, only sea food.
  4. I remember everything, unfortunately the filing clerk in my brain smokes crack and has a hard time remembering where the Hell she files shit.
  5. I live in flip flops during the warmer months, but I hate the sound they make when you walk.
  6. I started doing exercise squats everyday when I shower as a way to easy myself into exercise (thanks for the good advice Darling).
  7. I realized quickly that I'm WAY out of shape (more than I originally thought) when those squats kicked my ass the first few times I did them. Sad but true.
  8. I rarely turn the t.v. on and if I stall and make the right excuses I can get the girls to go 3-4 days with no t.v. until the Sailor gets home. Then it's his shows and not the crap they broadcast for kids these days.
  9. I crave food of any kind all the time whether I'm hungry or not, always have. So for me to be disciplined in my food intake is a major accomplishment.
  10. Shot guns & rifles don't bother me one iota, but hand guns scare the living shit out of me. Outside of being in a gun store, if I see one I tend to freeze up.
  11. Musicals are my all time favorite movies. "Please Don't Eat the Daisy's", "GiGi", "My Fair Lady", "Seven Brothers for Seven Brides" & "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" are my top five favorites.  'Belly up to the bar boys!!!' LOL
Rule#3: Answer 11 questions set up for you by the tagger.

  1. What type of music do you like?  ~A~  I like all types of music, except polka (sorry my cute Polish blondie).
  2. What do you do when you get bored at work/school?  ~A~ I don't know, I don't work or go to school. I stay at home and if I get to the point where I might get bored I just take a nap.
  3. What's your favorite day of the week?  ~A~ I guess right now it would be Wednesday because I like to wish people a Happy Hump Day (I giggle each time I do) and Survivor is on again.
  4. Do you believe in Extraterritorial?  ~A~ I don't know, I'll have to look that one up and let you know.
  5. Are you an optimist or pessimist? ~A~  Definitely and optimist, although when my glass of milk is half empty I still think of it as half empty if it was full to begin with.
  6. Who would be your celebrity BFF?  ~A~  Ross, the former Tonight Show correspondant. He would always be full of adventure and he wouldn't be afraid to tell me I have spinach in my teeth while we were in public.
  7. If you won an all expenses paid trip where would you want to go?  ~A~ Ireland
  8. If you could time travel what year would you want to visit?  ~A~ 2009, as tragic as the end of the last 2 months were, the first 10 were the happiest months of my life.
  9. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?  ~A~ Maggie Alice
  10. What is one thing you would never want to try?  ~A~ Escargot
  11. Do you play any kind of instrument?  ~A~  Yes, but this a PG-13 blog so I can't tell you about it ;)

Rule #4: Ask 11 questions of your own.

  1. What is your favorite time of year and why?
  2. What is the last text you sent and who did you send it to?
  3. What is your most prized material possession and where did you get it?
  4. Who inspired you this past week and how?
  5. What is your favorite blog to visit? (please link it in your answer if you know how)
  6. What is your #1 used app on your smart phone?
  7. When was the first time you realized you were just like one of your parents?
  8. What was/is the most heartfelt gift you've ever received and who gave it to you?
  9. If you could attend any sports event, concert, or production who/what would it be?
  10. Cake or Pie and why?
  11. How old would you be if you didn't know how old you were?
Rule #5: Tag 11 people and let them know.

Well I don't even know 11 bloggers who would actually do this so I'm going to let you decide if you want to be tagged and leave it up to you to let me know when you do post it. If all you want to do is answer the 11 questions & tell 11 random things about yourself that would be good too. I'm interested to know more about my followers & friends. Mistress Maddie, Becca, & Rafa I'm requesting that you at least answer my questions and tell the 11 random things about yourself. Even if it's only in an email.  I really want to read your answers, I'm nosy like that :)

Now I know in my last post I said I would show you what the girls made for me while I was on vacation in Texas.  To be completely honest I keep forgetting to take the photos. I promise to try and remember to do that today.

Love Huggs


Lazy Dog...

This is too cute & funny to not share with you.

My dog, Red, is the laziest dog I have ever met. Just watch...

No he doesn't have worms as one person suggested. It is possible he's scratching his belly, but I think he's just plain lazy.  Hope it made you at chuckle like it did me, or at the least smile.

Have a great night




As usual I'm extremely late at posting about something. My friend Daisy has officially informed (chastised) me that I neglect Monkeys & Windex. She is right 100%, and for that I apologize. If I also want to avoid further chastisement, this time from Rafa, for posting about holidays/events in the wrong month I had better get on the ball. I also wouldn't want Muffin to have to resort to chemistry homework with her morning coffee due to my negligence.

I'm sure all of you at some point in your life have experienced the winter blues. Even if you now live in Southern California (not mention names, Darling) I'm sure you remember what winters were like in the Midwest. I do believe that is what has happened to me. As the winter continues on and the days drag into one another I begin to lose all sense of time. The time of day, the day of the week, the next thing I know almost a month has went by without me posting on my blog or even visiting the blogs on my blog list.  Then I went to Texas for a week. Which brings me to the post.

For a week at the end of January I went to Texas to see my longtime friend Rose (aka Daisy from A Daily Dose of Daisy). The first night there we played board games and had fun hanging out with her boyfriend JP, and two of her friends.

from left to right
Selena, Rose, She who shall not be named, & Yours truly

For the next couple of days it was just us girls and trip to the beach!

Since I was the least hung over from the night
before I opted to drive to North Padre Island.

It was little grey and windy at the beach. I can't complain though, it was 70° out still. Selena learned to fly a kite for the first time and we found lots of shells in the wash.

Selena's thinking of making a career change...

Honestly we weren't plotting against Selena...maybe

When night came we still didn't want to go inside so we built a fire and lazed around making s'mores.

Thanks to a couple retiring for the night we
didn't have to try to start the fire
in all that wind.

Finally we had to return to the city to pick up JP at the airport. We decided to make his homecoming extra special with some fancy signs made by the the crafty Selena.

♥ We Missed you ♥

For the next couple of days we shopped, lounged around, and ate lots and lots of delicious tacos for all different places. We even had cupcakes for dinner one night. 

Purple cupcakes with an Oreo base & chocolate frosting!
Rose makes amazing cupcakes (she's a great cook too).

We went to eat at Puffy Tacos. OMG!! It's a must have if you're ever in the area, as is Bill Miller, Rudy's BBQ, and Taco Cabana.

This was just outside the front door.

After we stuffed ourselves we went to the downtown area by the Alamo. No I didn't get any photos of the Alamo, but then again who hasn't seen it before anyways. (code for I didn't think about photos for the blog and I'm too lazy to look up a photo now). We went to a haunted house. Yes I mentioned that I don't do haunted houses, I don't think they heard me though.

I may look all relaxed but that place was scary as Hell!!

We also visited the Guinness World Record Museum, and went on a 3D Tomb Raider Ride.

Aren't we a purty bunch with our 3D glasses?

On my last day day there we went to a local sports bar and had some delicious food & drinks and played darts until it was time for me to go to the airport.

Rose & I enjoying our last hours together.
Love you Rosie!!

Just as my plane was taking off for home the sun was setting.

 Please forgive the quality of the photo.
Not only was I using my old phone
to take the photo, I had the most
scratched up window I have
ever seen on a plane.

The flight was quick & uneventful. The Sailor met me with a beautiful smile and a delicious kiss. It was another 2 hours or so before we reached home. Since the girls were spending the night with their cousin & aunt the Sailor & I had a very "nice" home coming... a week is a long time to be away from the one you love.

Well I hope you liked the shortened version of my trip to Texas. I'd share more but like Vegas, 'What happens in Texas stays in Texas!!'  LOL!

Next post I'll show you what the girls made for me while I was gone. :) Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.

Love Huggs



Electric heartbeat
One hundred times a minute.
Modern Medicine.

Sometimes messing with the natural order 
of things can be a good thing.



Click of the hammer...
Snap of the trigger... BULLS EYE!
"We have a WINNER!"

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Bells ring as the light goes on.
Brilliant idea!

This weeks contest is hosted by Serendipity at Serendipitous Wild Moments. Be sure to check out the competition. Good luck to all.



And the winner is...

It's always exciting to win things. It doesn't matter what they are. If they're expensive, or only cost a dollar. It's the thrill of knowing that for what ever reason your name was picked. I guess for me the joy of being picked comes from when I was growing up and always fearing that I would be picked last. Oh I know NOW that someone has to be picked last and that it's not necessarily a bad thing, but that doesn't mean that I knew that as a child. Also being the youngest in our house meant that you usually were last at most things, either because the others were stronger or faster, or just because that's the way it was. So for me having my name picked, whether through chance or merit, is always a thrill for me.

Twice now I've won cd's in raffles held by a fellow bloggers. It was such a thrill to get a package in the mail. Thanks to Becca & Mistress Maddie I now have 2 new amazing cd's, a new eye liner & a new found love for Gin (the latter two were bonus gifts courtesy of the mistress ♥).  Now there's another raffle being held by the wonderful Becca over at Everyday Life. You better hurry on over and get your entry in, this one's going to be very popular.

This raffle is for a "Date Night Package", sponsored by KY brand personal lubricants, including:

  • Premium intimacy enhancement products 
  • A voucher for $10 off movie tickets for two
  • $25 voucher for Restaurants.com

Now that's a prize worth entering for! It's simple, it's quick, and it's free! Don't miss out on this one ladies & gents. Head over to Everyday Life now and enter your name.

Love Huggs


Peanut Butter & Nutella Swirled Cupcakes...

This post is dedicated to my muffin, Billie Jo.

There's this new thing out there in the world wide web called Pinterest. It's a really cool place to find all kinds of neat stuff. It's almost worse than FB as far as addiction goes. Well I should say better on some days. Better because it's all photos, and links to where you found the photos, not all this mumbo jumbo about what so and so had for breakfast and how long it took her dog to poop this morning. You don't have your dashboard filled with a "status update" every 5 minutes from the preachers wife, who you want to yell at and tell "just shut the F up already!!" but can't because you've already got enough strikes against you to begin with.

Now don't get me wrong I like FB, but sometimes people can be down right ridiculous with it. With Pinterest you organize your posts into categories, or boards, therefore allowing you & your friends, and strangers, to only follow the parts of each other you find interesting. If you don't like pets, you don't have to follow my pets board, but you can follow my food and drinks board if you have similar tastes to mine. Which brings me to today's post. Food.

Food glorious food. It is the ban of my existence, well not mine, but my hips, ass, legs, arms, belly, ring fingers, chin. . . . OKAY, the ban of my entire existence. There I said it!! I have a love/hate relationship with food. I love to eat it, and my body (particularly my midsection & ass) hate it. I've come to the realization that I can't put off losing weight and getting healthier any longer. Only problem is I have a cupboard full of stuff I'm not supposed to eat and an addiction to Pinterest which has a million and one ideas on how to cook all of that stuff I have!! I'm told my will power is stronger than I think and I'm going to be testing it here in the next month or two.

My first attempt at emptying my cupboards of the devil foods is a recipe I found on Pinterest. It's called Self Frosting Nutella Cupcakes. If you follow the link it will take you to the site the recipe originated from. It will include a recipe for cupcakes (not the box variety). Now you all know me, and if you don't just stick around I'm not that hard to figure out. You know that it's in my DNA to not follow cooking instructions. I was thinking to myself, Self what can you do to make these even better? What goes with Nutella better than anything? PEANUT BUTTER!!

My whole purpose was to get rid of the food stuffs I already had in existence so instead of using the 'from scratch' recipe provided I used a white cake box mix from my cupboard. This was my first mistake. I made the cake per directions. What I should have done is not leave out the egg yolk. The only reason you leave the yolk out is so you can have an actual white cake, which wasn't necessary in this case. With the yolk in the batter will be naturally a little thicker. My next mistake was my inability to measure anything. I wanted peanut butter flavored batter so I added peanut butter. I think I added too much, don't ask how much I added because I don't know. Whatever was left in the pb jar is what I added. Oh it tasted divine, but with lack of yolk and the added oil from the peanut butter my batter was little too fluffy and oily. By it's self it would have made a bomb ass cupcake. However when the time came to swirl in the Nutella my batter was a little too fluffy. You want your batter and your room temperature Nutella to be about the same consistency. No worries, the cupcakes turned out delicious. The way I made them just needs a little tweaking to become perfect. I suggest if you want to make them to use the recipe provided at the link the first time you make them. Then change what you will the next time. Always remember that when adding peanut butter that you are also adding oil, so be sure to cut back on your oil amount the recipe calls for.

Now for the photos:

Make your cupcake batter and add a small dollop of Nutella to the top of each cupcake.

Next you use a skewer of some sort, I used the meat thermometer, to swirl your Nutella and batter together.  I may have used too big a dollop of Nutella, it's NUTELLA! I couldn't help myself.

Bake according to directions. Be sure to check them early, you DO NOT want to over cook the Nutella.

OMG!! My house smelled like the best bakery EVER!! Be sure to let them cool a few minutes before you transfer them from the pan to cooling racks. I found that the top of my cupcakes where the Nutella was swirled was not attached to the bottom of the cupcake very well. This, I'm sure, is because I didn't follow the recipe and my batter wasn't the same consistency as my Nutella. It could also have something to do with over cooking them just a tad therefore allowing the Nutella to crystallize more. 

Here you can see that the cupcake didn't swirl together very well, my fault, and that the cupcake is very dense or heavy, again my fault. At a later date I will try these again and I will follow the directions to the tee. Well almost, I still want peanut butter flavor to go with the Nutella. Only next time I will measure the peanut butter.

Words of advice:

If you plan on making these cupcakes be sure to stock up on MILK. They are very rich and will cure any sweet tooth you have. After tasting the batter and licking clean the Nutella spoon when I was done, I was only able to taste a small piece of the finished product. OMFG! It was fantastic!!

The verdict on the cupcakes at Casa Canning  is 4 thumbs up↑. I've never been one for a whole lot of sweets, but this one is definitely worth trying and it's not hard at all. In reality you only have two extra steps.

1→make sure your batter is thick.
2→add & swirl in Nutella.

Now that I've emptied my cupboards of some of the devil foods I need to go back to Pinterest and see what I can make for dinner that will make some more of those food stuffs disappear. Wish me luck!!

Love Huggs