EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!

I know, I know, I've already done an
over sized post today.
Trust me this one thing couldn't wait.

I've been waiting for the day when
my friend would start a blog for his writing.
That day is here folks!

It's newly opened and still being tweaked
a little bit.
Despite the fact it's worth visiting.

I would tell you a bit about the writer but I'm
told that I don't leave enough "Mystery"
to the man. So you'll just have to pop
on over and see everything
for yourself.

If the couple of writings he has up aren't
your style don't count him out
yet. Be sure to check back
periodically to see what's new.
He's a versatile writer who covers many
styles of writing, and many subjects. I'm
sure you're bound to find something
that suits you.

Please spread the word
of his new site whether it's your cup
of tea or not. Some one you know may thank
you for sending them the link.

With out further ado I present to you

by Rafa

You can reach Rafa's blog either through
the link above or his link on my
sidebar under, 'Blogs I Follow'.

Please take a moment to check out his site 
and let him know what you think.



  1. Oye, Corey Jo!

    Let's keep expectations low, PLEASE!

    It's much harder (though not impossible) to trip over a hurdle that is lovingly laid upon the ground. Much easier to hurt oneself falling upon same said ground from a steep and scary height...

    Gentle, Corey Jo, gentle; I'm a delicate, budding flower over here and am easily bruised.

    Seriously, thank you for the shout out, thank you for your support and most of all, thank you for your love...you're good for my soul.

    (sorry, I am so NOT a Rafael. Unless of course, I'm knee deep in trouble with Mom's sharp tongue nipping at my ears)

  2. Alright, so I went a little big. I tried not to, you have to believe me!! I was just so excited for you. Imagine how my girls feel, they have to deal with me all the time.

    I made a couple of corrections. You are once again Rafa... hehe

    Hmm...I'm gonna have to use that line when I'm an old widow. "Hey big boy, you wanna piece of me? I'm good for your soul." Hahaha!

    Seriously, Thank you. I will always support you in anything you do, just as you have me.


    p.s. I'm sorry but I'm calling BullShit on your delicate flower. The only thing delicate about you is probably your Italian curls!!

  3. You can't call BS on me here, Missie...THIS is a family channel!!

    Gosh, Corey Jo, you have such a potty mouth!


    P.S. Thick curly locks for sure, but far from delicate. More like a brillo pad thick with perfectly coarse ringlets for that deep down scour.

  4. Haha! Why do you think the Sailor married me??

    Okay, I'll try and clean it up. That doesn't mean you're completely safe here though, it is my house you know? ;)


    p.s. So you're saying you have Nappy hair? No wonder you're so prickly all the time!!haha


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