heart ache..

my heart aches with the love i have for you
i cry because i can't be with you
my dreams are filled with your beautiful face
i pray that someday i can hear you say I love you . . .

Three years ago today I said goodbye. 
My heart broke and I was forever changed.
I am left with only my memories of you.
The memories don't fill the void but they do chase away the cold.
Your smile will forever bring light to my life.
The mere thought of your laughter warms my soul.
Knowing you loved me with all your heart keeps me going each day.
You may be gone but you will forever live on in my heart.
Someday I will hold you again and hear you say I love you.
I miss you more each day & I will love you always.



Haiku Vegas...

Clandestine meeting...
Be there at ten thirty sharp.
Vegas life. I DO!

This weeks haiku contest is hosted by the lovely Chickory with the theme of Las Vegas. I love Vegas. The Sailor and I were married almost 13 years ago in Vegas. It was loud, garish, quick and cheap... much like the two of us! Ha Ha!! I hope you enjoyed my little poem. Be sure to pop on over to Chickory's blog and see the rest of the competition. Wish me luck!



Haiku Chalk...

This weeks contest is being hosted at Fleur's Pearls by Fleur herself, with the theme of CHALK.  Honestly I have to admit that I've never thought so much about chalk as I have this past week. Apparently my imagination for chalk is quite the limited. Outside of the dreaded classroom chalkboard and the creepy dead body chalk outline, the only thing I could think of was sidewalk chalk. Maybe because my monkeys have transformed their wooden outdoor play set into a continuously changing chalk art canvas. Due to the rain we've had lately I wasn't able to get a photo of it. :(   Anyhow, here's my entries into this weeks contest.

Smooth and graceful lines
flowing across the canvas.
Concrete museum.


Summertime sweetness
Endless imagination
Man of steel flies free

Please pop on over to Fleur's and check out the competition.

Have a grand day!



Haiku: COOL...

It's been a bit since I posted a haiku and it's been two weeks since the last competition. Of course I'm running late as always but I think I may just make it this time.

This weeks competition is being held by Grins @ Anger Management with the theme of Cool. Any form of cool. Of course my first thought was of Cool Whip.. I mean who's wasn't right? Anyways since I've done the whole food obsession thing before in Haiku Monday I went with my next thought. Enjoy

Black shades with no words,
The epitome of Cool.
The original.

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to pop on over and check out the competition this week. Looks like a few of the players came out of hiding. Good luck everyone!




the sun rises marking each day with hope
the rays warm my soul with their intensity
giving me strength to face the day ahead.




you are everything to me.
the sun, the moon, the rain,
the wind that caresses my skin.

when you are sad my heart breaks,
when you are happy my world is right.
your smiles brighten my day
like fireworks light up the night.

without you i would be lost
wandering in a world dark and grey.
you are my dream, my fantasy, my desire,
my beacon of hope that happiness exists.

you are everything to me . .