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I confess... This week has been an emotional week from Hell.

I confess...  I'm going to be eating out for all three meals today. ( I know I'm so Spoiled)

I confess... I really love my new Red hair. (see profile photo on bottom right)

I confess... Watching my girls grow up makes me not only feel proud, but also OLD!!

I confess... If I could go back and do it all again I would, but I wouldn't change a thing.

I didn't have time to make my post this morning so I made it up late last night and thus not getting a photo of the sunrise today. Instead I've got a shot of the clouds last night. I wanted to get to the beach, but with the Sailor not home and the girls bed time being 7:30 I wasn't able to swing it.  I was a little bummed because you could tell the sunset was going to pretty on Lake Michigan. Usually It's pretty all the way out at my house too. (15 miles inland) I went out on the back deck with the camera hoping to get a great shot and to my disappointment there was only a smidgen of color at the top of the tree line. Disappointed I turned to go back inside and what did I see? I couldn't make it to the beach so the clouds brought the beach to me. There isn't much in the way of sunset colors to the clouds, but, to me, they look just like the surf on a windy day. Beautiful in my opinion. What do you think?


  1. It does look like the beach on windy day - that's so cool. I miss living that close to the beach - someday I'll be by the water again.

    And just do what I do when I start to feel old. I may have kids that are almost 17, but Mom & Dad have grandchildren that are almost 17. It always brings a smile to my face. (I know I'm a little evil.)

    Love you!

  2. Bahahaha! Thanks Sis, I needed that. You're my first smile today.

    I Love You
    ♥ Me
    (aka: the younger sister)

    yeah I'm evil too *wink*

  3. I really love the hair! I haven't seen what it looked like before but I'm loving the look! I wish I could pull of the short hair, I would so do it.

    I love how you confessed your eating out for all three meals! I feel like that a lot of the time.

    it's funny I was talking about lake michigan...or the beaches in Michigan with friends this week. One of them was telling me they have the prettiest beaches...I haven't been yet, but maybe one day! Beautiful picture of the clouds..I love a good sunset
    Have a great weekend...hope it's emotionally better for you!

  4. Love the picture of the clouds. I live a long way from the beach, but the sunsets over the mountains make up for it.

  5. The clouds look beautiful and so does your hair! I hope the eating out helps the emotion thing! Hop over to http://lonetater.blogspot.com and see my confessions.

  6. A very "crappy" week indeed. And now that I know the long way our friend has to go... (Must stay positive! Must stay positive!)

    Is that the vinyard we see on the pics. I love those big clouds: dark underneath but bright on top and with these soft pinkish colors...


    I'm so jealous of where you live. I'm so moving out of the big city ASAP! ;)

    HAve a great weekend, ma chère!

  7. Corey Jo--

    I confess:

    I'm a man...'nuff said?


    P.S. You're not old 'till you got one foot in a cold, lonely grave and it feels OH SO WARM & INVITING!

  8. eating out for all threee meals...that sounds fantastic!

    thanks for joining in...hope next week is less emotional for you!

  9. Hugs sweetie and love the red hair you're one hot mama

  10. I love your hair. And the pic. I really miss living near the beach (east coast for me).

    Hope the end of the week brings beginning of better times.

  11. @Randomlicious...→ Thank you so much. I used to think I had to have long hair because I'm not the skinniest person out there. (see) ←That was about 4 years ago. I've just been getting shorter and shorter as time goes on. Apparently it works for me, so I'm gonna keep it for a while. ;)

    I grew up on Lake Michigan and have lived within 15 miles of it all of my life except for the two years in the California desert. I like the lake much better.

    The emotions are still there, but better, thanks.


  12. @VandyJ→ Thanks. A sunset can be beautiful anywhere, you just have to open your mind to the simplicity of it to see the beauty sometimes.


  13. @Sarita→ Thank you. Food always helps the emotions. That is until I have to put my jeans on! ;)


    p.s. I'm behind as you can see, but I'll make it over to you eventually.

  14. @Jehan-Pierre→ Always positive that he will recover.

    The clouds around here have been extra spectacular this year, that or TeeBee has had an effect on me with all his beautiful photos, that I notice more now.

    Sorry, no vineyard next door, only baby blueberries. Blueberries are major buisiness around here, we do have lots of vinyards too, just not next door! ;)

    You may be jealous of where I live, but I'm jealous of your beautiful plants. I have the green thumb, just not the dedication for flowering plants, only house plants that can survive droughts.

    Hope your weekend was beautiful.

    Câlins mon chér,

  15. @Rafa→ Yes, 'nuff said!! LMAO Thank you ;)


  16. @Mamarazzi→ Oh it was a fantastic day. A full day, but still fantastic. Thank You. I'm hoping it's less emotional too.


  17. @Becca→ **blushes**

    Thanks Love, huggs to you too.


  18. @dddiva→ Thanks, it seems to suit me. Living by the beach is the best. Positive thoughts help bring better times, as do Prayers.



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