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I confess...  I was scared to go to the dentist this week. I'm ashamed to admit it, but it had been 4 years since my last visit.  **NO CAVITIES** and very little plaque.  Whoot! Whoot!

I confess...  I had to bite my tongue when the dentist told me, "You have a pretty mouth". I so wanted to say something to the effect of , "Yeah, it works wonders too!", or something worse! But I controlled myself and just said Thank You. Man was that hard!!

I confess...  Even though I love the Fall time, my bones & joints hate it. Also I've been freezing for days!!

I confess...  I hate cleaning the house, so I bought these really cute rubber gloves for dishes & cleaning ( i was jealous of my friend ML.S. because she has some with zebra stripes) in hopes that if I was more stylish that maybe I'd have more enthusiasm for cleaning. I wonder if the gloves will distract from my bed head?

I confess... I know that I probably bore everyone with my posts of the sunrise almost everyday. I don't care because they are so beautiful, and make me think of Angel Eyes shining bright.

There, that's enough of my secrets for you guys. Up next is the last few days of sunrises & little bits of beauty from around my house.


The sunrises around this area are really beautiful this time of year.

↑ These ↓ are from Tuesday morning. I couldn't decide which one with the flag was better so I used both.

The first one ↓ is Wednesday morning right after the bus pulled away, and the second one is as I was leaving for the dentists office. I don't know why, but I like the second one better.

Yesterday I had to go back to the dentist for a cleaning. I didn't get a photo of the sunrise, but the day was so nice I decided to take a stroll around the yard to see what pieces of beauty I could find. Remember If you click on any photos, especially the next ten, you can see it at full size and the clarity is much better. Someday I'll fix the blog so I can post larger photos.

↑ I'm not sure what this is, but it was pretty cool.

↑ This little guy wasn't so little, and I almost touched him! God forbid, I'd have peed myself.

↑ Here's one of the MANY honey bees we have at our house. We haven't found the hive for fresh honey yet, but it's there somewhere!

↑ Here's the reason we have SOOO many  bee's. We really don't have grass. We have different plots of weeds. Dandelions here, the little orange flowers there, and Clover EVERYWHERE!! It's so damn pretty though.

↑ This copse of trees were only 3-4 foot saplings when we moved in 6 years ago. Now they're 15-20 feet high. I had no idea because I never venture to the outer regions of my back yard, and the giant pine tree blocks the view of these from the house.

 ↑ These are the wild grapes growing on the fence between our yard and the neighbors. Uh-Oh don't tell Mel, she's liable to harvest them and make some wine!!

↑ Remember the tiny rose bud with all the dew drops on it from the other day. Here it is fully open. The other one is just petals in the wind at this point. I think these will be the last of the roses for the season. Gosh! What will I take photos of during the winter?!?!

↓ This was what the sky looked like at our house yesterday. All of the clouds were very low to the ground and very flat on the bottom. It made me think of Super Mario Brothers. I wanted to jump up and hit the cloud only to hear the "CHING" of the coin. ↓

I know it was a long post today. I'll try in the future to post more often so I don't end up with such a mondo sized post again. I hope you enjoyed the view of my week. Thank you for stopping by. Until next time.



  1. I love the pictures - don't stop taking them. Don't worry about the roses, the leaves are starting to change and then the sn*w will start to fly (yes it is a four letter right now). Plenty of stuff for pictures.
    Love you Sis!

  2. Haha! I was thinking it before I read it! SN*W is not a four letter word. It's the f'ing I@E you have to worry about!

    Thanks Valisatie, I love you!!

    ♥ You
    ♥ Me

  3. i love sunrises too and i've always lived facing them...

  4. And what a beautiful destiny it is.

    I have to say I like your sunrise photos with the bridge in it better than those of mine with the electric pole and lines.


  5. Oops, I missed this one!
    Great pics and I'm jealous of your backyard, espec. after seeing the pics on MJ's blog.

    A french-canadian poet wrote once that if he was to do somthing very useful, he would lie down in a field and watch the clouds change forms.

  6. I may have the yard, but you have all the beautiful plants Jon.

    I showed the girls the photos of the couds and they imediately started pointing out the shapes. :)



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