From the first time I read this poem I loved it. It touches my heart more each time I read it. I’m sure some of you will love it just as much as I do. I’d also like to give a special thanks to my friend for letting me use this poem on my blog. It’s a beautiful poem written from the heart. Thank you.  ~ CJ

au dela du temps,
au dela de la mort,
le souvenir perdure.
ce lien eternel
entre la mere & l'enfant
est assurement le lien le plus fort
qui existe dans notre vie.
je me souviens.

~ Anonymous*~

English Translation

beyond time,
beyond death,
memory remains.
this eternal bond
between mother & child
certainly is the strongest bond
that exists in our lives.
I remember.

~ Anonymous* ~

 *Note: By request of the author, I've left the name of the author anonymous.



  1. simply beautiful - no other words are necessary.
    Love you Sis!

  2. absolutely beautiful and so very true

  3. Connected like no other...one soul wrapped inside another. In our little world (some bigger than others, of course) all we know is the peaceful glow of Mom's sweet caress.

    OH, if we only knew! If there was some kind of warning, maybe we could have dug in deeper. MAYBE we could have had a different exit plan.

    BUT NO!

    No excuse me, you're pushing on my bladder. No 30-day eviction notice...'Course NOT! With no warning at all and with nothing to grab a hold of; we're quickly pushed from our home, stuffed through a suffocatingly dark tunnel, only to be unceremoniously ripped into a world of bright lights and a smack on the ASS!

    WAKE UP CALL!!! This was NOT in the vacation brochure!


    P.S. Don't even try to get back in, as more likely than not, damn thing has been closed for renovations or already occupied with a new tenant. RATS!

  4. Thanks for stopping by TB. I feel so honoured.


  5. I remember big sis told me that, once you give birth to your first child, the "mother button" is set to on and can never be set to off again for the simple reason there is NO off position on that button!

    Beautiful poem and accurate translation!

  6. Big Squishy Huggs Becca!! Love you.


  7. Rafa~

    Haha! I love your comments. That's exactly how it is too. Although a bit more painful from my side of it.


  8. Jon~

    Your sister is right. I will always be a mother no matter what happens. It's not just who you are, it's What you are.

    Thank you. I asked the author to translate it for me because I wanted it to be correct.

    Bonsoir mon chèr,


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