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secrets from the week.

I confess...  The girls going back to school this year has been harder on me than any other year.

I confess...  I can't wait for my shopping trip on Saturday with my friends.

I confess... I'm glad summer is over. I prefer the fall season.

I confess... Even though I really miss my pen pal, I'm happy for the much deserved happiness that keeps them from writing as often as they used to.  Love you and your silly gay ass.

I confess... That I'm surprised at how many people actually read this blog. And without a naked person in site too!!

Thanks everyone for being such great friends & followers. New hair color, a shopping trip, and kids fall birthday party on the schedule for this weekend. Hopefully I'll have good photos & great stories for next week.

Love & Huggs

p.s.  Here's a photo of the roses Jason bought me while I was MIA.

Aren't they Beautiful  :)



  1. And I look forward to our shopping trip too! Pre-shopping starfruit sangria's to start the day! Can't wait to see the new hair color.

    Love yah!

  2. I'm done with Summer as well; I love Fall! Happy Friday.

  3. I'm loving fall, it's so much easier to cook and have a schedule.
    Those roses are awesome!

  4. I also love the fall...My favorite time of year!!!

  5. I love the flowers! Your kids a pretty darn cute! Over here from Mamarazzi's hop! Visit me sometime

  6. Love the flowers! I confess - I love the fall (most of it anyway) and I'm not surprised that you have so many followers.

    I'm baking cookies tomorrow (the drop sugar cookies with homemade butter cream icing that turns into glaze because I frost the cookies when they are warm). If your shopping trip brings you up my way, stop by. Hubby will be at the boat & the girls have practice from 8:30 to 5:00 so I'll be all by myself.
    Love ya Sis!

  7. Fall so far for us as meant 90 degree weather. Not cool for the Northwest!

    What pretty flowers!

  8. I hate shopping alone. I end up buying nothing!
    I hate shopping with friends, I bust my credit limit!
    I'd like to go shopping with you!
    I love the autumn colors!
    There! My confession!
    Have a super crazy shopping day, ma chérie!

  9. Visiting from Mamarazzi's. You have a beautiful family. Love the roses. :)

  10. aw what a sweet guy you have and i miss your pen pals to been kind strange with just us girls. anyways hope you have a great weekend.


  11. Wow! ♥♥Lots of Love today♥♥

    @MEL→ I can't wait to taste the drinks! ♥yah

    @ALLSTARME→ Happy Weekend to you. The only thing I want to carry over from summer is the flipflops!

    @VANDYJ→ Without the girls in school I can't keep a schedule. I love to bake so the cooler weather is great!

    @KARMAKRISTIN→ Outside of the first snowfall, Fall time is the best.

    @SARITA→ Thank you, that's a nice thing to say. I'll catch your blog sometime in the next week. :)

    @VALISATIE→ I am so there tomorrow night for some cookies!! And you too of course. Love you Sis!

    @SARAJO→ I used to live near Fresno California, I feel your pain! Thanks

    @JON→ I would gladly hang out with you any day. Even if it were just a picnic on the shore of the rapids. I'll think of you while I'm trying on bras & lacey bits! Calins, mon cher!

    @DDDIVA→ Thank you very much.

    @BECCA→ Wishes of Laughter & Sillyness for you and Little Man this weekend.

    Thank you everyone for stopping by my little mad house in the world of blogging. I feel truly blessed. Thank you for all the nice comments about my family and the Beautiful flowers from my handsome husband. I promise to get to each of your blogs at some point in the next week.

  12. HaHa! I was so overwhelmed by the response I got today, I forgot to end my reply.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend filled with Love & Laughter!


  13. i confess i love roses. they're my favorite!! it's been a long time now since someone gave me white roses...
    oh well!!

  14. TB!!

    I'd give you roses all time if I was near you.



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