Sorry I've been MIA. It's been a bit of a couple of weeks.  Time is running out on getting ready for school to start. Jason has been working OT on his truck trying to get it ready before the cold & wet weather gets here. As the fall time nears my emotions start to run high. The depression starts to try and drag me down. I've come up with a plan though, to get me back on track. I'm going to treat myself like I do my girls. I'm going to be writing up a schedule for myself. Not only will this schedule have chores on it, it will have allotted times for blogging, and various other non-housework activities, thus keeping me on track with the daily workings of this severely disorganized housewife.

I promise to try not to come up missing again.


This was the sunset from the back deck tonight.


Flashback #2 →The Transformation

  Three months after Jason and I were married we decided to start a family.  We figured that with me being on birth control religiously for 4 years that it would take a little while for us to conceive.  Boy were we ever wrong. When they, whoever they are, say that it only takes once, they weren't lying.  And so began the transformation that was once my youthful body into what was often referred to as "Holy S%*t" by those we knew. Every month we took a profile photo of me to send back home and show everyone the progress. At the time we lived in California. The tradition of monthly photos started when my older, little (really she was tiny, but that wouldn't sound right in the sentence.) sister, Valisatie, became pregnant with twins. From then on it became a tradition for us. I've taken all of these photos and scanned them together to show you the TRANSFORMATION.

Man I was skinny, and so young...Those were the days!! lol

This last photo is the day Lily was born. I was hungry, in pain, tired, anxious, and million other things. I was most definitely tired of having my picture taken, hence the face.

All in all it was good and easy birth. It just took for ever to get to the pushing. (17 hrs) Then I pushed for 16 minutes and at 11:46 pm on March 31, 2001 Lily Elizabeth Canning was born. Due to technology and poor packing skills, I've yet to find any more of Lily's photos from birth. This is the only one I have readily available.

I love you Lily, with all my heart and then some.

Did I mention that I beat out our friend Rob in the baby pool by 14 minutes!! That's right, don't mess with Mama!

Keep your eyes open for the next flash back "Lily-The First Two Years" coming soon..

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Love & Huggs


Friday Confessional...

Hosted by Mamarazzi
Link up and confess your secrets from the week.
You know you want to.
I confess...  Part of the reason I haven't posted this week is due to my new obsession of Words with Friends on facebook.
I confess...  I failed to clean my house this week, and I dread this weekend because now I have to do it all at once.
I confess...  I finally cleaned my desk and I still don't use the home pc, I'd rather use my laptop.
I confess... Now that summer is almost over I'm finding myself anticipating a daily break from my kids & the coffee dates with my girl Burnie.
I confess... I'm also scared to be alone so much again once the girls go back to school. A quiet house isn't always a good thing.
I confess... I've dearly missed my friend Becca's blog, Everyday Life, since she's been vacationing at Disney!!
Well enough about me. What about all of you?
Enjoy the weekend & make it a great one.


Friday Confessional...

Hosted by Mamarazzi.

Link up and confess your
secrets from the week.

I confess : That I leave the Knox Crew blog open while I'm on the net just to listen to their awesome play list.

I confess : That while I'm happy for my friends honeymoon in Tahiti, I'm also jealous that I don't get to go.

I confess : I made a really stupid mistake Monday, by not protecting myself from the sun.

I confess : I may have let being in charge over at Becca's go to my head a little bit.

I confess : That sometimes the stress is too much.

I confess : That I will miss spending time with my midgets when school starts in a couple of weeks.

I confess : That I let other peoples lies keep me from having a great relationship with an old friend. I'm glad that I now know the truth, and that we've reconnected. She truly is an awesome person, through and through. (and she has great taste in music)  ;)

That's enough confessional from me for this week. Tune in next week for more.
Enjoy the weekend



by Becca

In the hours before dawn
just before daylight breaks
is when I can see you
on any given day
you are right there
just beyond the
horizon where
the soft rays
of sunlight
softly touch
the dew stained grass
in the sparkle of sunlight
i can see your sweet face
and i know you are
happy in your
safe place.

The sunrise from my front porch


I would like to thank....

The Butterfly Award

I'm speechless...well not really, but I'm extremely flattered & honoured to get this beautiful Butterfly Award. My blog is still in it's infancy and already my friend Becca from Everyday Life thought it interesting enough to toss my name in the hat. Literally, she tossed my name in a hat full of blogs she thought worthy.   So, I'd like to thank you, Becca, for thinking me worthy. ((HUGS))

Okay, on to the fine print.

1.)  Thank the one who gave it to me.

2.)  Answer the following questions.

3.)  Pass the award onto other wonderful bloggers.


1~ Name your favorite songAmazing Grace by Meryl Streep

2~ Name your favorite dessert.    Creme Brulee

3~ What whizzes (???) you off?    Ignorance 

4~ When you're upset, you?   I cry

5~ Favorite pet?   Don't have one, but if I did it would be a cat & dog team

6~ Black or White?   Neither...I See the Rainbow!!

7~ Your biggest fear?   Not going to Heaven and seeing Maggie again

8~ Best feature?   My Smile

9~ Everyday attitude?   Procrastination Queen

10~ What is perfection?   My children's love

11~ Guilty pleasure?   Nothing, I'm a glutton 

Now  to pass this onto other wonderful bloggers.

Thanks again Becca.
Hugs & Kisses


More Camping...

This was the view from our picnic table.

The girls goofing around before dinner.

Kiera eating corn for the first time with no front top teeth.

I think she does better without teeth than she ever did with teeth!

Attack of the GIANT mosquitos!


Living Dangerously!! Jason said he wasn't going to do that again.

They are definitely MY girls!