One last hurrah for the year...

As I sat cozied up in my recliner this morning paying the bills online, I looked outside and noticed super tiny snowflakes drifting downward, almost in slow motion. The house was quiet as I was the only one yet awake. I sat and enjoyed the peace knowing that it wouldn't last long. As I watched these slow motion snowflakes and listened to the quiet of the house words started to drift through my mind. The longer I sat there watching nature's beauty the faster the words started to flow. I thought to myself, "Well Hell! I better write this shit down!".

Even though it's been months since I wrote a poem for the Haiku Monday contest, the words came to me in the 5-7-5 format. The next logical step was to hunt down the current host for the contest. Who happens to be Funky Frugal Mommy. As I read the the theme for this week I was surprised to find it Relaxation. How fitting considering that for me the peacefulness of a quiet winter morning/evening/day/night (winter in general ) is more relaxing than a hot bath with candles and wine. Since all the cards seemed to just fall into place this quiet Monday morning I decided to submit my poem.

Winter's miracle.
Delicate masterpieces
Gently cascading......

Wishing everyone a peaceful and relaxing Monday.



A very special RafaDe original.

As always my dear friend Rafa managed to take my heart and put it into words. He paired those words with yet another RafaDe original visual in which he combines Maggie & myself. I couldn't not share it with all of you.

Rafa, you have managed to express my heart in words in a way in which I am not capable of doing. The words warm my heart & the photo makes it shine. Every time I look upon this beautiful creation I am brought to tears. Tears of love. Thank you for the beautifulness that is you. I love you.