Haiku: Grigio (grey)

Usually I only have one entry, but today I've two to offer up for judgement. Enjoy!!

First Entry

Grey skies embrace me.
As the mist kisses my skin
Rainbows shimmer bright.

Second Entry

All the shades of grey
tell my story. Who am I?
Just call me Sybil..

This weeks contest is being hosted by none other than my darling himself, Rafa (yes, he won AGAIN!) over at Ramblings From My Typer. Pop on over and check out the competion, it's well worth your time. It's a tough crowd this week. Wish me luck!!

Love Huggs


Haiku Fiery


Luminous moonlight
Ocean waves caress the sand
Bonfire burns fiercely.


This weeks Haiku contest is hosted by the fiery one herself, BlazingScarlet at Dantes 2nd Inferno. Come on out and see the competition and maybe, just maybe, enter one of your own.

Love Huggs