Last night Kiera lost* one of her front top teeth. This morning we realized that the Tooth Fairy wasn't able to come because of the horrendous Thunder & Lightning storms. It's my story and I'm sticking to it. Anyways this morning she lost* the other front tooth. So now when I call her Cletus and she smiles, she really does look like a Cletus!!

* lost = I pulled while she screamed and tried to bite me because she refuses to pull her teeth out.

Sometimes you just need to breathe...


Flashback #1→The Beginning...

Going through photos recently, I realized that there are a few of you out there who don't know the story of "Us". Since I wasn't able to start my blog when we started our lives together I thought I would periodically publish a "flashback post" starting with when Jason and I were married, and moving our way up to the present day.

We were married at "The Little White Wedding Chapel" in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 4th, 2000. Due to moving a couple of times, and the always missing boxes when moving, I only have a couple of photos from the wedding. One of them is of extremely poor quality. For that I'm sorry, but it's all I have.

p.s. Remember, if you click on the photos you'll be able to view them at full size.


Ever just wanna SCREAM?...

Ever have one of THOSE days? You know, the one where everything is going great. You have plans for the day to just hang out and enjoy life and the beautiful day with someone? Only to have it interrupted with something you really don't want to have to deal with? Yet you really don't have a choice, you just can't bring yourself to pass this one on to the next person. Not without feeling like you'll be burning a bridge that no matter how much you wish was a closed now and again, you just can't do it. Then once everything is squared away and all is said and done the only thing you can do is go to bed and cry yourself to sleep like a child. Mainly because you're frustrated beyond belief, and also because sometimes it's the only thing that will make you feel better.

Well I had one of those days yesterday. The girls and I met Jason for lunch. He had to leave before us to get back to work. I'd planned on walking around town and shopping with the girls. Just taking our time and enjoying each other and the day. Pick up a belated gift for someone, maybe stop at a park, or the beach for a few minutes.  Shortly after Jason left I got THE call. I was so instantly frustrated and angry I said I'd have to call them back in a minute. I don't think I've ever been that angry before, or that quickly.  Instead of having a wonderful day with the midgets as planned I took them to grandmas and left to clean up another mess. By the time I returned home I had to cook dinner, which I could barely eat. We watched some tv with the girls then we all went to bed. Brace yourself....I was in bed at 10:30. Granted I probably didn't actually fall asleep until around 11:30, but still that's hours early for me.

Today I feel a little better, but the happiness from yesterday is still covered with clouds just as the sky is today. Maybe the sun will peek out and brighten the day. For now, I'm off to run errands & clean the house for babysitting.


Pool Party...

What a way to spend the weekend. Pool party after pool party. I'm starting to believe that the girls are turning into fish!! Jason had to work on Saturday but was able to make it while the food was still hot. Lots of fun, family, friends, food, & drinks! It was a great weekend through and through.

Thank you Oliver family for the great party on Saturday.

Thank you Trowbridge & Decker family for the best 5th birthday party we've ever been to.

 *Poor Jason. After working all day and most of the evening, arrived to the pool party only to be thrown in before he could change.*


Some days no matter how sunny it is I still feel like it's raining...


This is what we call "cleaning our room" at my house.

My Rose...

When we bought our house almost 7 years ago there was very little landscaping. A few bushes & a pine tree. Okay so we now have two more small trees, some hostas that I don't weed because the frogs live in there, and a few less bushes. Anyways, hidden amongst the lilacs was a wild rose bush, or stalk rather. I cut most of the lilac down having decided I liked the roses better. One day a couple of years ago I got up early, okay, early for me, (9am), to get a photo of  the 10 to 15 buds that would be opening that day. I got my camera and went out to capture the beauty of so many tiny roses on just a couple of stalks.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike deer? Well until that day I could have cared less. Now, don't like 'em so much. To my dismay every stalk on the rose bush was stripped clean all the way to the base. Not even a thorn was left. Damn deer!! As a result the bush died and I've had no more pretty roses.

This past weekend was my mothers family reunion which Jason & I hosted this year. (pictures soon hopefully). As I was walking around enjoying my family I happen to catch a spot of color out of the corner of my eye. As I turned my head I was floored. I couldn't believe it. With everything being so busy this summer I hadn't noticed the dead rose bush, the one I've neglected to remove for the last 2 years, was growing and now had two hot pink buds on it!! Unfortunately the beetles got to one of the blooms. Here is the remaining bloom.


I'm sure there's a message in here somewhere about when something dies it doesn't really die, or some such crazy thing. Not sure what it is, I'm just glad I was lazy about removing the "allegedly" dead rose bush.



I know they're not the best of quality, but here are a few photos of the sunset last night taken from the back deck.


Fourth of July Weekend...

I've went camping all my life. For the first many years it was in a tent. It didn't matter what season it was, we were camping. Eventually my parents upgraded to a camper. It was cramped, but it had heat & a mattress. Unfortunately we still had to use the outhouse, which was always far away and filled with spiders.

Thank God Jason likes camping in a tent as much as I do. (which would be nil) He bought us a very nice camper with tons of room, a toilet, heat, and even air conditioning. Yes, I know, I'm spoiled. Not only did he provide us with comfort, he took us to a class A campground.

This past fourth of July weekend the girls and I spent our days at the POOL!! Yes a pool at a campground. I didn't know such a thing existed. Anyways here are a few photos of the girls enjoying their days at the pool and at the campsite.


*NOTE* This is not our camper in the background. It is the neighbors RV.