Haiku Monday ~ Hunter/Hunted...

Hello all. I know it's late but thank you for joining me for Haiku Monday. This weeks contest is being hosted by Uncle over at Aunty Belles blog. Only rules this week are the 5-7-5 rhythm and the theme is Hunter/Hunted.  Even though each haiku can stand alone, together they tell a story. Enjoy ~CoreyJo

The Hunter

Searching for his prey,
he prowls deserted alleys.
Ah! Footsteps at last..

The Hunted

Echoed breaths taunt.
Fear grips her, paralyzing.
He lunges, she flees.

The Chase

Devious laughs ring loud,
chasing her throughout the night.
Evil closes in.

The Kill

Vigorous struggles.
Absolute domination.
Deaths kiss: Sweet release.



  1. most delightful!!
    no wonder you said you struggled a bit. it is quite elaborate, but you achieved it!!

  2. Kudos to you Corey Jo!
    Fabulous haiku, one and all.
    the bar is getting set higher each week me thinks!

    Have a great week!

    May I leave you a hug?

  3. Sublime!
    Need I say more?
    Now that I know the imagery came AFTER the haiku, it is amazing how well both images and words fit!
    And the crescendo, slowly leading us to the last image... Brilliant!

    Hugs ♫♪♫

  4. Thank you TB :D

    I didn't mean for it to be so much. This is what I got when set the pen to paper. Thanks to Jon I have visuals. He found the last one for me. I'm glad you like it.


  5. Hello Princess~

    Hugs are always welcome, thank you.

    And Thank you for the compliment. The compition is definitely getting stiff.

    Make the day wonderful your highness.


  6. Thanks Jon.

    It wouldn't be the same without your help. It really did turn out wonderful paired with the visuals.

    Câlins mon chér

  7. Tackle hugs and big kisses

    I love these and the fact they made me think vampires was totally amazing and the picture at the end yes i love it. As you see i'm obessed with anything vampire.

    love them you are an amazing writer

  8. Aww, Thanks Becca!

    LOL, I don't know about amazing, but Thank you. :D

    Vampires are sexy hot!


  9. CoreyJo--

    Take it from one that's traversed a dark alley a time or two...BULLSEYE!!!

    Awe, such sweet memories...

    Seriously, all of them are wonderful together as a tale. Individually, "the chase" is my fave followed closely by "the kill", as both are so full of passion and desire.

    LOVE 'EM!!


  10. Rafa~

    You are too silly. :)

    I don't know where it all came from. I was blank forever, and then it was just there!

    "The kill" is my favorite. The last line in particular. ;)

    Thank you!!



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