Haiku Winner!! (finally announced)

I SOOOO totally blew my plan to not be tardy! I do sincerely apologize for posting the winner so late in the week. It's completely unacceptable. Then again my name is Miz Tardy Pants, so I'm sure some of you aren't surprised.

Since I was late at posting the winner I've decided to accept every haiku posted no matter the time or day. It's the least I can do, I don't wanna be a pot callin' the kettle black. Who wants to be one of THOSE people? Hear say is it isn't very kosher.  So, on to the run down!

First up was Doom, with a plethora of wonderfulness! However one seemed to stand out more than the rest. I love words that end in "ous", whether they were meant to be or not. Great visuals to accompany the poems also.

Green seedlings grow well.
Their scent and playfulness please-
Funtabulous food.

Next up was Foam with two wonderful entries. "Eternal Hunger".... it's just so captivating I can't but love it! Awesome Alice Cooper, by the way.

Eternal hunger
Gnawing pain .. I rise, I seek ...
Your morsel of brain ..

Last weeks winner, Becca, brings her  game again with her haiku entries. This one had me chuckling with childhood memories

Tall white rounded hats
tilted just a tad latest
fashion for fence post!

Next up is a newcomer. Everyone welcome Joss to the craziness that is Haiku Monday. I must say Joss, for a rookie you sure did knock this one out of the park! I happen to read the poem before your explanation. Me being a housewife who hates dishes, I was so totally thinking of a bubble bath. However after thinking about it for a few days, I realized that you may just be right about the dishes! lol!! Great job Newbie!

Soap suds caress me
as I scrub away disdain
and discover hope.

As always Karl raises the bar with his ability to paint a picture in just 17 syllables. While all of his entries this week were beautiful the one that made me sigh was this.

Spring sunrise blinding
Her silhouette all I see
No better image

Our resident mischief maker, Rafa, has done it again His silvery tongue bringing to life to party as always! Most excellent haiku this week Darling, and the 'ode to me was devastatingly hilarious! What's a party without some laughs, right?!

A thunderous CLAP!
Lightning's flash illuminates
Breath is brought to life

Blazing Scarlet... I was going to crown you the new Miz Tardy Pants, but I kind fudged that one. Your haiku this week really touched me deep. Hospitals are not my favorite place to be, yet I find myself there quite often. I must agree, there is no comfort for me either.

There he lies .... alone.
Hospital sterility
No comfort, alone.

Serendipity! You have nailed my week to a tee! It has been Hella crazy here for me. Emotionally & physically! I can't wait to see this one end and hopefully on a good note. Now again because of my tardiness your haiku is also up for judging.

Sorry, on the run!
This weekend had no spare time!
Work crazy bizzy!

As usual none of you have made the job of judging easy.  Last night I narrowed it down to two. Joss &  Doom. I was ready to flip a coin when something in me just wouldn't let go of one line. So the winner this week is:


You captivated me with your "Funtabulous Food" Two of my favorite things. Words that end in 'ous' and of course food!! Congrats on your win. I hope I've left you enough time to think up a theme for this coming Monday!

Congrats to all the contestants and thank you for not filling my inbox with detention slips for my tardiness! Everyone did a great job and I can't wait to see what Doom comes up with.


Resident Miz Tardy Pants


Haiku Monday

Resident Miss Tardy Pants reporting for duty. (on time I might add). 

As the current host for Haiku Monday it's my duty to provide a theme for this week's contest. Considering the fact that I just barely made Becca's deadline I was most definitely not prepared to win and now host. Hence the long wait for the theme post. Being the rebel to rules that I am I have not picked a theme for this week. So many themes have been used since, and before, I started participating that I truly have no idea what has been used and what has not. I do, however, know that there have been many a time that I have a haiku written but no theme in which to enter it. Or I missed a week and kicked myself because I had a perfect haiku that maybe, just maybe, could have placed. I'm sure all of you out there have a haiku just sitting around sad and lonely, waiting for it's turn to shine. So in honor of all the lonely haiku's out there pining for their time to shine, and for all of us writers who hit a block once the theme is announced (which I am always guilty of), this weeks theme is and open theme.

Open Theme means that there is no set subject. You are free to write about whatever you wish. Break out the files and find that haiku that had no post to join. Now, me not being the most scholarly of people I may not always recognize your topic of choice so bear with me. Visuals are always great but not required, and neither is a blog. So all of you who follow me but don't have a blog feel free to enter the contest, or just post for giggles. I'm not a stickler for rules so the only one I'm enforcing this week is the 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Three entries allowed for judging per contestant, however feel free to post as many as you wish as long as you clearly mark which three you choose to enter for judgement. Typically the deadline is by midnight Monday night. However since so many of us are from around the world and across the country anything posted (or awaiting moderation) when I turn on my computer Tuesday morning will be accepted into the contest.

I know it's not conventional to have an Open Theme, but with Mother's Day this weekend and so many new things with the change in seasons it really was difficult to pick just one subject. So I hope everyone comes out to play and brings their best. It's been a while since I taxed my brain on more than what the monkeys toss at me on a daily basis I'm excited to see what you can bring to the table.

To start you off here is the last poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I didn't enter in the contest because I wasn't thinking. I just posted it. According to our resident mischief maker, Mr. Smartypants RafaDe, it fit right in with the theme for the week, persistence.


Sirens deafening.
Heart seizes, my thoughts mired
in the past: Maggie...

Here's your chance to shine with whatever tickles your fancy! Good Luck to everyone & most of all Have Fun!!