Did you know?


Flamingos are not naturally pink. 
They get their color from their food, 
tiny green algae that turn pink during digestion.


Play dates for dogs..

This is what 80% of my weekend will consist of. Today it 90% inside because of the rain. I can barely tolerate the smell of a wet dog, let alone 2 wet dogs. However this is my fate for the holiday weekend. We are dog sitting for my brother in-law & sister in-law. He's a great dog, although I think I'm going to need lots of asprin!

It's like watching two teenagers make out at the movies. There is no sound because the radio was on and loud. Anyways, enjoy this little glimpse into my holiday. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Love Huggs

The infamous Red and his buddy Peyton

Useless Knowledge

Snakes do not urinate. 
They secrete and excrete uric acid, 
which is a solid, chalky, 
usually white substance.


Silliness and the Sunrise

These first two photos are for Robin, you're such a sweetheart Love ya babe!!  Sorry no power lines, the season is wrong for the sun placement. So I used the big truck for effect instead!! LOL

Sunset the other night.

Sunrise today.

First there was one egg in the nest, then there were four. Next time I checked there was one egg and one baby birdy. Now all I see is one baby birdy. I don't know what happened to the other eggs. All I know is the birdy better get bigger and learn to fly before we need to move the camper otherwise it's "Bye-Bye Birdy"!!!

I know I post more of Red than I do of Mable & Bonnie, but the cats are lazy and Red is so entertaining!!

Smile Pretty!!

Munching on the firewood.

I moved to adjust the camera and he freaked thinking I was gonna steal his precious firewood!!

Thank you to everyone for stopping by. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Love Huggs


Elephants only sleep 2 hours a day, and can remain standing after they die.


This & That

The weather is finally turning nice and the sun is shining bright each morning. It really makes for great photo opportunities. The first being spiderwebs still covered in morning dew.

Then there's Red running around and playing after his morning business is taken care of.

The sun and a close up angle can even make my dusty gravel driveway  look pretty.

As I turned from taking the photos of the gravel I found a very nice surprise. 

A birds nest on the sewer pipe under the camper. What kind of nest you ask? That's right, a robins nest.

Such a pretty blue isn't it? Reminds me of another pretty blue, usually in box form ;)
Hopefully this little guy will hatch and grow before we go camping, otherwise... bye bye birdy!!

Lastly a couple of more photos I took and really liked.

This last photo is my favorite out of the ones I took yesterday morning right after the ones of the gravel.

Overall it was a good day and very beautiful. I hope your day is beautiful and your weekend loads of fun.

Love Huggs


Lazy days

After a sleep over next door Kiera was just too pooped to play and true to form when the energy was gone she was out, no matter where she was.

I so very rarely turn on the television that when we do watch a movie Red is all about watching it. He's getting so big. That's the Sailor in the back ground. Red is 7-8 months old and he weighs 60 lbs if not more, and he's not even done growing yet!!

Mable & Bonnie have really become bosom buddies. I'm starting to wonder if it's not love

Love Huggs

A day in the life...

A beautiful sunrise always makes getting out of bed a little easier.

Even though they are weeds, flowers can still be beautiful..

Looking one way you get a magical Rainbow...

Looking the other, you get an amazing sunset...

A day in the life isn't so bad after all...

Love Huggs


Another clean bill of health from the dentist. So off to lunch we went!! 

They're growing up so fast...

Love Huggs

More Birthdays & Easter

Since the girls birthdays are only 2 weeks apart we will celebrate privately each one's birthday on the day of, and then together usually the weekend between. Due to circumstances this year (their grand dad dying) we waited to do the duel party until late April. It wasn't a big affair this year but it was fun and it was very loud!!

For Easter we went to a local establishment for a special Easter Buffet. The food is simple yet out of this world delicious. But only after the girls found all of the Easter eggs that were hidden around the house.

Love Huggs

Birthday Girl #2

I bet you thought I forgot about Lily's birthday post. I didn't forget about I just ended up on another blogging hiatus. Sorry, it happens. So without further ado here's some photos from Lily's birthday.

Dark Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with Caramel frosting

Eleven years old!! I can't believe I have a daughter that is 11. They sure do grow up fast. One day they are cuddling up on your lap for a bed time story and then you blink and they are slamming the door in your face crying about needing space and time alone.... Good bye Mommy being the hero... Hello Mother the evil.

Happy belated Birthday Lily. I love you. Even when you think you hate me I will still love you.

Love Huggs