Click..click.., bit by bit
the acme we reach. Time stops..

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If you're set on being a crabby pants today do NOT watch the following video. However if you choose to enlighten your day with a bit of laughter please watch this. It is absolutely the funniest video I have ever watched. Part of what makes it so funny is that she is alone. Be sure to have your sound turned ON. Enjoy!

Now wasn't that hilarious! I could watch this everyday and it would never get old.  

Have a wonderful day and make it great.

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Haiku Monday...

Blue Stocking Dreams:

Twain, Dickens, Austen.
   Leather bound pages flutter,
  Boundless adventures.



I should do this today. 

Just because...



As the regular visitors can see I've change a couple of things like adding a new title header, and some of the text colors and fonts. If you're viewing this on a mobile unit then this doesn't apply to you for the mobile viewing is a different setup. For those of you on a pc or tablet please let me know if a font or font color is hard to read. :)

Last night I was chatting with a friend, lets call her 'Muffin', and asked her if she would check out the changes I made to the blog. During this chat Muffin told me, "I had nothing to read with my coffee Monday". I of course apologized and explained that mentally, and emotionally, I was drained after the last big post. Which in turn affects my creative thought process.  During my conversation with Muffin I had a BRILLIANT idea for a post and cryptically told her so in between virtual giggles. Of course I was side tracked and didn't get to my post right away. By the time I was ready to put the post together my so called brilliant idea was missing. Yes, missing. I searched and searched, and it was no where to be found. My brilliant idea is MIA!!

Well Shit! Now that I've opened my mouth and bragged to Muffin about my brilliant idea I have to post SOMETHING! I can't just wait for inspiration to hit me. I had to dig into my closet of ideas and hope I could find one that would be worthy of a cup of a morning coffee. So a digging I went. Shoes?, nope. The filing cabinet that I haven't used since we moved in 7 years ago?, nope. Photo boxes? yes! Wait, no time. Damn it! Board games?, no. Jason's rifle/shotgun?, not going to happen. A deflated exercise ball? Hmm maybe I should blow it up, it might do me more good. Naw. Well damn. I've got nothing hidden in my closet. Sigh.

Okay, since I can't find anything in my closet all I have left to give is a little bit of me. Hurry up and refill your coffee Muffin, I don't have all day here. 

When I started Monkeys & Windex I didn't expect anyone other than family and a few friends to follow. Since there are people who now follow this blog who don't know me I thought I would just tell a few facts about myself. Yes, Muffin, I know you already know most of this. As soon as I find that brilliant idea that's M.I.A. I'll be sure to wow you, okay? This will hold you over for now.

~My favorite kinds of movies are the classic Musicals.

~I never leave, go to sleep, or hang up the phone without saying, "I Love You" to my loved ones.

~I can talk about anything, yet when I get on the phone I become very shy.

~I would rather read the book than watch the movie.

~My best friend is an Alpha Bitch, and I like it!

~If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in Ireland.

~I married my husband of 11 1/2 years after dating him in person for only 10 days.

~My best accomplishments in life are my 3 girls.

~I am the Queen of procrastination.

~I miss my ex boyfriends younger brother as if he were my own brother. (which I have none of)

~Professional Bull Riding is my favorite sport, and not just because of the cowboys.

~Contrary to popular belief, I do cry & I am not as strong as everyone thinks.

~I crave knowledge, yet I will never go back to school.

~I grew up 2 miles from town, yet I never went to town.

~I'm almost 34 years old and I'm still scared of the dark.

~I'm addicted to McDonald's Caramel Mocha's. (thanks bernie)

~I thank God everyday for my husband. I don't know what I would do without him.

~When my friends hurt, I hurt too.

Okay, I think that's enough about me for the day.  What about you? Tell me something about you that not everyone, if anyone, knows.

Happy Thursday Muffin, I hope you enjoyed your coffee and morning entertainment.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Huggs ♥ Love


Sparkly Kitty...

For my feline loving friend

I thought of you when I found this.


Tissue Time...

Grab a tissue, your coffee and a bun or muffin, and pull up a seat for today's ride down emotional lane.

It's been a tough couple of weeks emotionally. I wouldn't have made it through this tough time had it not been for   my family and friends.   I have the best friends a woman could ask for. Whenever I needed a shoulder to cry on there were many to choose from. Whenever I needed a kick in the arse there were many a feet willing. Most of all whenever I needed someone to just listen there was always an ear to listen accompanied with a hug. A few of those friends went the extra mile to comfort me. With pokes, pinches, huggs & kisses some made me smile and feel the warmth of friendship. Some with just their company, or a bottle (or three) of wine & laughter. Others were practical and reminded me that it's okay to feel this way. It's okay to still need to cry and scream once in a while over the pain of the void in my life. One said friend also reminded me of this:

"Little Maggie came and brought a lot of joy and hapiness. She has become a little light that brings people together to share friendship and love in the name of her sweet personality. She came to give all of us a message. She came to remind us something we were not really paying attention to anymore. Once her job was done, it was time for her to go!"

I must never forget this, thank you for not letting me forget.  

Maggie loved in such a complete and unconditional way that anyone who met her was a better person for having done so. I believe she came into our lives to teach us how to love, and to remember what's important in life. I also believe that her death, and the pain felt because of it, were necessary for me/us to learn from her. She taught me that the way we treat others directly affects the way in which we are treated. That life is too short to not enjoy each day, and each person to the fullest. Also that just because the odds are against you doesn't mean that you can't overcome an obstacle or situation. She taught me what Love was really about. Because of her I've learned how to love my husband, my children, family & friends in a way I didn't, or couldn't, before her. I owe to her my ability to appreciate life and my ability to love all of you unconditionally.

Another friend wrote a poem for me about Maggie. He claims they are my words as I described them to him. I may have told him the stories of fading giggles and blurred glimpses out of the corner of my eyes, but he made my musings into magic. My sister, Valisatie said this to him:

 "Yes my sister can paint a picture with her words - be it good or bad. (Love ya Sis & you know it to be true)
With that being said, for you to turn what she described into poetry so beautiful & accurate that it cannot be described with mere words, only felt with the heart, is a talent all its own."

I agree whole heartedly. I would like to share with you his words. My dear friend Rafa left me this poem as his comment on a previous post.

Margaret Alice:

Pitter patter, through the halls
Pitter patter, I hear your calls
A giggle here
A whisper there
Search the house, you're EVERYWHERE!

I feel you when I lay me down
I touch you when I sleep
Yet when I wake with morning's light
I try and try with all my might
To hear your pitter patter
To track where you once were
To find that bit of glimmer
That once shone in my eyes

I know you're all around me
Shining bright and strong
I feel you tugging at me
Wanting to bring me near
So you can whisper something
Before you disappear

I try to hold you tight
You slip right through my fingers
Then off with pitter patter everywhere you go


Still the words escape me to fully express my feelings about this poem other than Simply Magic. I will treasure and cherish this for the rest of my days. Thank you my Darling Rafa.

It's amazing what my life is like. Growing up I never pictured myself having a family and being a stay at home mom. Sure I planned on getting married. After feeling so alone for most of my life I knew I wanted someone who would love me for me, Not because they had to, but because they wanted to. Someone I could trust to always be there for me. I thought maybe I'll have a kid in my mid 30's. Never did I imagine I would meet and fall in love, to the point of no return, at the age of 22 and start a family at 23. I'm about to turn 34 here soon and I look at my life with wonder & amazment. I'm simply amazed at the path my life has taken and think to myself would I do it differently, any of it?  No, I wouldn't. If I did I might not have gotten the chance to snag the most wonderful man in the world. I might not have had my children. I might not have made friends with the many people whom I'm proud to call my friends. I might not have had the honor to have my life blessed by the most precious Angel ever. It's because of the love that Maggie taught me that I am able to look at my life and be able to appreciate what it was, what it is, and what it may become.

It's because of Maggie that I met Rafa, and in turn became a fellow blogger & devoted follower of my online friends and their blogs. It's because of the dinners, emails, phone calls, pinches & pokes, visits, and words of encouragement & sympathy from all of my friends and family, off line and online that I have been able to cope with the many pitfalls life has put in my path the last couple of years. It's to all of you that I send my gratitude and many Thanks. Without all of you in my life to keep me grounded I probably would have lost touch with reality a long time ago.

I wasn't exactly sure which direction this post was going to go when I started it. I knew I wanted to give my many thanks and show my appreciation to my family and friends, the rest just sort of came pouring out. I know it's hard to follow my wandering mind sometimes, so if you're still here, I thank you.  Hopefully now with Maggie's birthday and the anniversary of her death behind us for the next year things will get back to normal in my life and on the blog. However with Jason on nights for the next month who knows what's going to happen.

Again thank you all, for everything, and now for some photos. I know I kind of missed the fall colors this year. Sorry about that. Here is another photo of the maple tree in my front yard. It was a Mothers day gift from all three girls 3 years ago. Here it's about half way turned, in color.

Thanks to my friend, Amber, who is always thinking of me. I have a photo of what my tree would have looked like in full color if I had remembered to take a picture. This is her tree, but it's the same kind as mine I do believe.

Here's the sunrise from yesterday. Very golden, made me think of India. The sultry weather and all of the beautiful gold jewelry the people wear.

When I took the sunrise photos I noticed all the frost on the ground and decided to go check out the back yard. The first photo is of the neighbors tree frosted over with the sunrise lighting it up. The second photo is of our back yard. The sun is only touching the trees, it hasn't yet risen high enough to touch the ground.

There was one last rose that was trying desperately to hang onto life.

Everything was so beautiful with it's layer of frost.

Today's sunrise was incredible. It started out with an orange horizon and deep purple clouds above. My camera today just didn't want to co-operate so forgive me for any blurriness in the photos. It also wouldn't capture the colors until they had changed to the following.

It was the coolest thing ever. The sky was full of all these brilliant colors and the whole time they changed and transformed, as the sun rose, you could see this beam of light shooting straight up from where the sun was hiding just below the horizon.

It's mornings like these that I wonder what my friend, TICKLEBEAR , is going to capture with his camera. That and it's an amazing way to start a day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, it's Hump Day!! Half way to the weekend. Enjoy the day and be happy.

Huggs ♥ Love