Flashback #3 →Lily: The the first two years...

First, before the flashback here's the sky today.

Yesterday was Lily's school picture day. As I stood there brushing her hair and making it all shiny and perfect for pictures I started to think back to when she was just a wee little thing.

Lily was born at Lemoore Navel Air Station Hospital in Lemoore California in 2001. A couple of days after we brought her home we visited our friends Rob & Linda. They took these first two photos that day. ↓

Daddy feeding her  ↑, and Mommy napping with her.  ↓

A few photos we sent to Daddy while he was on cruise.  ↓

Lily's first Christmas photo 2001  ↓

Lily loved her corn on the cob. Look at those eyes. Now they're silvery grey. ↓

A few photos from after we moved home to Michigan in 2002. Lily's now 1 year old.  ↓

Our first family photo just after Lily turned 2 in 2003 ↓ 

Lily was and still is a Diva.  ↑

Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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