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Well, I survived the dentist. It still hurts to yawn, mainly from the shots, and then some from having to have my mouth open for almost 2 hours. Yes, yes I know! "But Corey, you can talk FOREVER and don't complain about your mouth hurting." Well I can do a lot of things with my mouth that don't make it hurt, but then again I'm not getting shots then either, now am I? lol

Saturday's party had my house over run with more kids than ever before. The girls went to bed super late, which of course meant they awoke at the butt crack of dawn. As a matter of fact they were up Before dawn!! I of course slept until...well, I don't even know when I got out of bed. When I did get up this is what I found. Usually they are going at each others throat, as sisters are known to do. Thankfully for my sanity, that day they were best friends

I made the girls lunch and we watched some t.v. It was only a matter of time before one of them lost the battle. As usual it was Kiera. For those of you who don't know, Kiera has an innate ability to pass out anywhere, at any time and in any position.

Needless to say it was a pajama day for us girls while Jason, poor guy, had to work on a Sunday.

Even though there doesn't seem to be much color exploding in the sky each morning around here right now I was still able to get a really beautiful picture of the sunrise and the morning fog.

I went on the back deck to take some photos and realized that Jason had moved the camper out of the driveway, for the winter, only to block part of my view. Damn it!

At least I'm still able to see the beautiful tree in the neighbors yard, and the trees of our back yard.

Lastly today is a photo just for my friend TICKLEBEAR.  I mentioned getting a tattoo last week and with the emotions of the week & weekend I forgot about posting the photo on the blog. So this one's for you TeeBee.

The tattoo wraps all the way around my right arm from wrist to elbow. The top photo is the inside of my forearm, and the bottom is the outside.  If you look really close you can see a Heart and a Pacifier in the angel wings.

This is of course not my first tattoo. It is only the latest. I have hodge podge tattoos in various places, each one with it's own meaning and/or reason. This one is the most special one outside of the flowers on my back that represent each one of my girls. Originally this particular one started out as just the wings. Then as time went on I became restless and wanted to add to it. I went to my ink man, whom I used to work for back when I had a job, and asked him to do something with my arm. I told him what I liked and didn't like and asked him to come up with something. He knows me well and was a great support through all the issues we had with Maggie. I was blown away with what he designed. Not only because it was beautiful, and "So Me", but because he sat there and drew it on my arm right in front of me. He truly is an amazing tattoo artist, and a great friend.

Anyways enough blathering on. I hope everyone has had a good week so far.

Love ♥ Huggs


  1. The days you can stay in your pj's are the best - the only thing missing are the blankets that their favorite aunt made them ;)
    The tattoo looks awesome - very nice work.
    Love ya!

  2. love staying in my PJ's best days ever.

    love the picture off your back deck is that camper where sailor sleep when he is being puniched for not taking out trash or is it where you hide all those cute guys..hehe just kidding

    oh and love love love the new tattoo simply beautiful


  3. CoreyJo:
    Being a family channel, I am so not touching this one! Just know, my mouth is yearn'n 'n burn'n to spurt a shot or two at your opening paragraph.

    Although my Mom might debate me on this one, most kids know certain times when it's best to just BEHAVE!

    Prayers & SMILES--


  4. Our spirits connect again... I spent da whole day in my flannel!


  5. Thanks Sis

    They were smart to not have their best blankets while using markers ;)

    ♥ You
    ♥ Me

  6. Hey Becca,

    PJ Day is the best when the Sailor gets to join us.

    He says that's his escape from all the estrogen. I wish it were where my lovelies were kept.

    Finally the tattoo is done!! And thank you.


  7. Rafael

    Why, I have no idea what you mean Darling.

    As for my girls, I think they were just taking advantage to my being oblivious to them playing video games. lol


  8. Hey Jon

    We seem to be doing that a lot lately, connecting, don't we..


  9. PJs?!?
    WHAT PJs?????

    love the tatt,
    very classy.
    it reflects the sentiment nicely.

    thanx 4 sharing!!

  10. Hi TeeBee!

    LOL, PJ's are just what I put on before I go outside to take photos of the sunrise so I don't cause any car crashes!!

    Thank you. I thought you might like it.



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