Not everyone believes in the power of prayer. To be honest, even though I do it, I'm not sure I completely believe in it. I do believe in God, however I don't believe that prayers for the impossible will make a difference. On the off chance prayers do come true I always try to pray for something practical. A clear mind for the doctors on the day of surgery. Sun shinning in the window invoking a smile. Laughter & love on a gloomy day. I will also be honest and admit that when someone I care about or love is not in a good way I have asked my sweet Maggie to watch over them and help them in whatever way is best for them. I suppose I do it partially for my own peace of mind. I also tend to light candles. Every time I look at or smell the candle I think of that person. Each time I think of them I try to always think a positive thought in hopes that the supposed power of prayer & positive thoughts really will work.

    Ever since Maggie died I've had her photos on the top of a cabinet in the living room. Along with her photos is a plant we received at her funeral, and some angels that were also given to us. I don't always have a candle lit in her memory because, well...you know, life gets in the way of things sometimes.   However, when I do have a candle lit that's where it is. Back in March a dear friend of mine became seriously ill. Considering they were on the other side of the country, and there was nothing I could do in person to help them other than verbal support & comfort, I lit a candle for them. Then again just recently another friend has become seriously ill. They too are very far away, so I have also lit a candle for them.

    After talking with a friend about the candles I decided to send him a photo. He asked me if I was going to post the photo here on Monkeys & Windex. The thought had never crossed my mind. I started thinking about it and thought, 'Why not?'.

In the background you see a photo of Lily & Kiera from this summer. The red bottle is a gift from my sister in-law. It's a glass, hand blown, perfume bottle, decorated with real gold. It would shine more if I would have remembered to dust it before I took the photo. (oops).  Right now I'm in the process of making room for one more candle. Yup, another one. Will we ever get a break? How many more blows can we take? Sigh.....will the pain and heartache ever stop...?


  1. Corey Jo--

    I believe in prayers
    Whole heart and soul
    God's will is in our spirit
    That's His gift to all

    Ours is in the sharing
    Feel the warmth inside you
    Bundle it with care
    Package it with promised love
    Send it via prayer

    Prayer is a selfless act
    You don't gain any money
    You won't win yourself a car
    You'll lose a bit of self
    Yet be filled for ever more

    My prayers are with you, as always--


  2. Rafael said it all! And so beautifully. I do believe in prayers. But then, what is prayer?

    We could talk about this for hours. And I don't want to start now for I'll write an endless comment... AGAIN! ;)

    Thank you for this inspiring post.
    Hugs ♥♥♥

  3. i don't think the pain ever truely goes away or the emptiness filled but i think we learn to live with it and go through our days. Most days i'm fine and other days it only takes a smell or a sound and the psin sears my heart. I love that you burn a candle for her in her memory. much love my friend and know i am here with you feeling the same pain.


  4. i appreciate how you speak of such things, not the bible thumping kind... all i hear here is love. thinking of someone in a positive way can never be wrong.

    isn't it said somewhere that we get the cross we can bear? others say that we choose our lives before entering this world. all i could say to myself is "what was i thinking???"

    just keep on doing what you're doing. it is well intended, it gives you a sense of giving, and a connection. that's good!!

    hang in there!!

  5. Rafa said it all. All prayers are answered, we just don't always like answer were given. Prayer not only helps you, it brings peace and comfort for those that you pray for.
    Love you Sis!

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments, they are very much appreciated.



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