This weekend went well. Chinese for dinner on Friday, and cupcakes for Maggie's birthday.  We released balloons on Saturday morning with messages of love and birthday wishes from all of us written on them. Company came over Saturday afternoon. All in all it was a good weekend with good food, delicious wine (lots of it), and the best friends a girl could ask for. Thanks everyone for helping to make our weekend wonderful, and for celebrating the beautiful Soul that is Maggie Alice. Love you Monkey♥

As you can see by the first photo I did not make this years cupcakes. It was too hard last year and I really wanted to avoid crying into cake batter this year. I wasn't all that impressed by these so next year I'm either finding a better bakery or I'm going to make my own sans the tears.

Because it was raining so much last week I really don't have very many nice photos to show you so here are some taken in Iowa by my sister in-law on the theie way home from our house to theirs in Nebraska.

I can't remember if this next one was from Kristen, or my friend Melissa. I do believe it's one of Mel's photos from here in Michigan. I know the fall colors is Mel's though.

Lastly since I don't have any new pretty flower photos from my yard here are some photos a friend sent to me not too long ago. Thank you Pat. You're a wonderful friend and person. You always know just how to brighten my day. ♥

Thank you to everyone who left comments on the last post and who wrote emails. Your love was much needed and much appreciated.

Hopefully I'll have more to blog about this week. For now, I'm off to the dentist to get some repair work done on the work that the last dentist messed up. Wish me Luck!!

Wishing all of you a wonderful week.

Love ♥ Huggs


  1. Mmm! How come there's no pictures of Mrs CoreyJo with her face deep buried in a cupcake??? That's not fair!!! ;)

    Happy to hear that your doing ok...

    I'm thinking of you.

  2. LOL! Leave it to you to call me out. Okay, okay, but be forewarned that I had a shitty day. Just for you Jon-Jon. :)

    Thank you mon chér
    Câlins et bisous

  3. Margaret Alice:

    Pitter patter, through the halls
    Pitter patter, I hear your calls
    A giggle here
    A whisper there
    Search the house, you're EVERYWHERE!

    I feel you when I lay me down
    I touch you when I sleep
    Yet when I wake with morning's light
    I try and try with all my might
    To hear your pitter patter
    To track where you once were
    To find that bit of glimmer
    That once shone in my eyes

    I know you're all around me
    Shining bright and strong
    I feel you tugging at me
    Wanting to bring me near
    So you can whisper something
    Before you disappear

    I try to hold you tight
    You slip right through my fingers
    Then off with pitter patter everywhere you go


  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Don't you ever scare the s*** out of me like that again!!!

    So, they were THAT bad, those cupcakes, eh?

    Hope your date with mister dentist went well... (btw, did you pay a look at my cute dentist? I did send you the link if I recall)

    Oh! And what a sweet beautiful poem Rafael. My, my, my you could even write children books... you are so talented.

    Hugs to y'all!

  5. Sis - Please tell me the cupcakes didn't come from the Golden Brown!!! I will be upset if they let there quality slip. I'm glad everything went well this weekend. Love ya! Love Me.

    Rafa - that poem is absolutely . . . there aren't even words. It's just amazing. My compliments. - Valisatie

  6. glad to see all went well as could be.
    I have a friend who uses Martha Stewart's recipe for cupcakes that are absolutely delicious, which you can see here if you want:


    she finds them difficult to make but the results are spectacular, even if she remains ever so critical of her accomplishments...

    I have to say:
    I peeked at your pic...


  7. See Jon, now you know why I didn't post the photo. Maybe next time you'll behave and just take the absence of me as a warning. LOL

    Not so much bad as they were just dull. I've had better from a box.

    The dentist was very nice to me. However my jaw socket part on the right hurts from the shots. Yes, I seen your hottie dentist. Mine is okay cute, but he's extremely funny. Best dentist I've ever had, and he's not money hungry!!

    Câlins mon chér

  8. Oh Valisatie,

    I'm sorry to say, but yes they were from the Golden Brown. I don't know what the issue was, it's the first time I've not been happy with them.

    Ours were red velvet, kind of really bland and the frosting wasn't great. The girls had chocolate with pink frosting. They tasted good, but the cake itself crubled into powder when you touched it. The girl had fun eating them, I did not have fun cleaning up :{

    I'll give them one more chance with cake, otherwise it's rolls and donuts only for me.

    It wasn't a bad weekend, the wine helped. :)

    Love You
    Love Me

    (yeah, he got me too sis)

  9. Hi TeeBee!

    Oh, thank you. I don't ususally find things hard to make, I'm a rather crafty cook. I find it all hard to clean up!! I'll be sure to check this out and try them. OH YAY, a new post idea, Thanks :D

    Yeah....sorry about the picture...blame Jon, he wanted to see it. I warned everyone though ;)

    Gros câlins!

  10. Rafa,

    I don't know what to say or where to begin. I have not the ability to express the emotions I feel when reading this. Thank you so very much for such a beautiful poem. I will treasure it always.

    Love you

  11. @Jon:
    Yeah, I don't know, somehow I think the adult poetry flows a little easier off my tongue (and tastes a bit more tangy).

    If the poem touched you as it sounds it did, your compliments should go to CoreyJo. It's her words and the way she expressed them to me that created the image of Maggie pattering about the house, giggling the whole time as she plays a bit of cat and mouse with Mom. No way I could have pulled that outta my HAT(?) without a lot of help.

    I'm glad you liked the poem, as I've been trying to put something down for you for awhile now, but the words just weren't coming together. I've really tried hard to hear your words and get a feeling for Maggie in my mind. I probably didn't truly do her justice, but hope I captured a bit of your love for her and what a magical spirit she truly is.

    Prayers & SMILES, everybody!!


  12. @Rafa:

    Yes my sister can paint a picture with her words - be it good or bad. (Love ya Sis & you know it to be true)

    With that being said, for you turn what she described into poetry so beautiful & accurate that it cannot be described with mere words, only felt with the heart, is a talent all its own.

  13. beautiful post my dear and yum cupcakes did you save me one.

    @rafa what a beautiful poem my friend


  14. @Valisatie:
    Being the ever good Catholic boy, it was CoreyJo's bad that drew me to her and her good that touched my heart.

    Oh, and next time you see her, please give her a hug for me. I'd have you send your husband over so as it would be a more MANLY version, but I hear tell from CoreyJo that he has no arms (or legs for that matter). HAHA...sorry.

    Thanks, words come easy when they're spoon fed.



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