Haiku Monday ~ Homecoming...

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Be sure to pop on over and check out
the competition. Join in if you wish.
Anyone and everyone is welcome. 
Hope to see you there.


Teen Spirit

Bleacher Romances,

Crowns 'n gowns, footballs 'n downs.

Friday night lights: SCORE!



  1. Good evening CoryJo,

    Hmmm, was the score on the feild or elsewhere?

    Thank you for your help with my post this morning. After 3 tries, I was frustrated and gave up. Boxer and Troll use the same format for comments, I have trouble posting to them as well. Again thank you.

  2. Love it! Love the rhythm. Sounds to me you have great experience at cheerleading!!!

    Can't wait to see your Pom-poms! ;)
    Câlins et gros bisous.

  3. awesome job and because you asked so nicely i threw in my hat and joined in...hugs

  4. CoreyJo:

    The quarterback may get their queen, but tight ends have the most FUN!! Wide receivers...?!? Well, they're just a sloppy mess!



    P.S. You truly managed to hit all the right parts of a good Homecoming! Exactly what I was imagining!

  5. Hello Karl,

    Glad I could help. Thanks to Jon I finally know how to do it all. I had no idea and he graciously showed me.

    Ahh, I see you caught my double entendre. I shall never tell either! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by Karl.


  6. Oh Dear Lord No Jon.

    You couldn't have paid me to wear those outfits in high school. Of course now...ahem, well that's a story for another venue. LOL Actually my sister was a cheerleader for basketball & football for 2 or 3 years. Maybe I picked some of it up from her.

    Much love & wiggly huggs

  7. Yay Becca!

    Better watch out, it's addicting! I didn't think I would have fun and look at me now!!

    Thank you


  8. Rafael~

    Thank you. I feel it's one of my best. Thanks to your encouragement and support I'm feeling more and more confident with my writing. You were right, AGAIN, haiku is a great exercise for the mind.

    Let me guess, you played the tight end in high school football, or were you the wide receiver? LOL!!

    Love you

  9. CoreyJo:

    Funny thing???

    In HS, I was better known for my pitching ability than my tight end.

    Go figure...


  10. Football is not big in Québec but Hockey is OUR national sprot... er.. I mean SPORT!!! (damn typos!) And every father wants his son to become a professional hockey player.

    So, I ended up playing hockey like ALL the other little french-canadian boys. Since I just couldn't figure out how to skate without falling on my ass, they put me in the GOALS! YAY! And score they did not often, let me tell you!

    WV: upeat (?)

  11. @Rafael~ I have no doubt about that! lol

    @Jon~ Hockey is the sport of choice in our house!! Even the girls get all excited about it.

    I couldn't skate if my life depended on it. I was always a little more academic than I was physical.

    Huggs Guys


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