A Week in Review...

Okay, so it's a bit more than a week, but hey, it is what it is.  Last weekend My brother in-law, his wife (who's my best friend), and our nephew came from Nebraska to visit.  Having the camper comes in handy during times like these, ensuring that everyone gets their own bed.

While I continued to take photos I didn't exactly have time to organize them and create posts. So this is my week in review.

First I took both of the girls to the dentist. NO CAVITIES!! YAY!! Here they are getting fluoride treatments.

Here is the only one of our company I can show you. His name is Payten. Isn't he beautiful?  He's a wonderful dog who loves to cuddle. I almost wish we could have kept him. Almost.

I'm not sure which days they were, for some days were just uneventful as far as sunrises and sunsets go, but they are in order. (I only know that because of the photo # from the camera) ;).



I'm not getting the really vibrant colors for the sunrises much anymore, but they can still be beautiful. These two are a couple of my favorites.

The tops of the tree branches you see in the above photo are from the Maple tree in our front yard. The photo below is before the heavy winds we had this past weekend. I'll have to take another photo of it today so you can see what it looks like almost nekkid. hehe!

Finally some color in the sky at sunset.

Also the sun is moving from setting behind the shed on the right side of the yard over to the left. Now it's setting behind the large pine tree. Which makes it harder to catch the sun. Sometimes by the time I notice the coloring outside, the sun is already behind the tree or just below the tree line, not making for the best photos. I guess I'll just have to pay closer attention to the time.

Yesterday morning was one of the prettier sunrises. I just love it when I'm able to get the flag in the shot. As you can see our flag is getting pretty thin. Next spring we're going to have to get a new one.

Also this past week my sister in-law and I went wine tasting with a friend. It was a wonderful day, and I had a grand time. Thanks Kristen & Melissa. This is what I came home with. YUM!!

I can't wait until Maggie's birthday on Friday. I'm having the Spumante. The bubbles make me giggle and I have a feeling I'm going to need all the help I can get that day. :)

Thanks for hanging out with me. I hope you enjoyed the week in review. I have a breakfast date with my Mom this morning, and later today at 1pm I have an appointment with my ink man. Yay!! I'm so excited. Finally my tattoo will be finished. It's been almost a year since we started this and I can't wait to finally see the finished piece. I'll be sure to take photos and post them later this week. Well I'm off to shave my arm and get ready for my Mommy and Me date. Yes, I know. I'm a girl, but I still have to shave my arm. Not every girl can be blessed with no arm hair ya know, so bugger off! ;)

Thanks again for stopping in today, and don't forget to keep your eye on the Haiku contest being held by Rafael at Ramblings From My Typer to see who wins.

Have a grand day & make it wonderful.

Love ♥ Huggs


  1. gorgeous photos of sunrises and sunsets. also love the picture of the irls at the dentist one day they will totally be embrassed by those photos is see blackmail options in the future..lol


  2. A girl with no hair on her arms (or lip for that matter), is a girl that's had a bit of laser surgery!

    That...or my theory that women folk aren't mammals at all, but evil succubi weaving their spider's web to rob us of our tested cream. Leaving us for shriveled prunes of our prior selves to die in the wicked swamp of their desire.

    Truly horrible stuff, if I do say so myself...


  3. Thanks Becca.

    No worries on the blackmail photos, I've already got those covered. Can you say sprinklers in our unders!!!! lol

    Have a wonderful weekend hon.


  4. Rafael

    Well Lord knows I don't have that kind of money, not with the amount of hair I have on my arms. Thank God I don't have to worry about my lip yet!!

    You need to quit watching the horror flicks on the man channels at 3 am. Besides we are completely harmless. *grins innocently*

    Have a grand weekend Darling.


  5. the tattoo I'll want to see!!

    wine tasting?
    a girl after my heart!!

    love your photos!!

  6. Ah Yes, wine! Glorious wine! Although I have to admit, I like the sweet stuff, the sweeter the better. The dry stuff is not my favorite.

    So sorry for not posting the photo of my tattoo yet. With all the emotional crap going on I forgot all about it. I'll do it tomorrow I Promise!!

    The photos are coming harder and harder to capture, but I will always try!



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