Play time?

Finally our new driveway is about to get started. It is being put in on the opposite side of the property as the current drive. It will also include prep work for a pole barn and an extra wide approach for said pole barn. The reason for it being on the other side of the yard is that eventually we will be putting a garage onto the house and that side of the house currently has no road access. First before the garage will come the pole barn. Most likely next year. We also plan to connect the two driveways making it a huge horseshoe shaped drive.

Today the contractor dropped off the small dozer for stripping the sod. I've been staring at it all day with a longing to just "play"! LOL

Happy Monday! I hope the week treats you all well.



  1. I had never heard of a "pole barn" but now I have googled it so all good.
    You could create havoc with that little bit of machinery I think

    1. Ha! It never dawned on me some people may not know what a pole barn is. Really all it is a an over sized garage for the guys to put all their toys in and hang out away from the women folk. LOL

      I sooooo wanted to wreak havoc with that toy. I'm excited today just watching the guys work!


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