Penny Thoughts

I know that I don't post much anymore. Mainly it's because I don't use my laptop very often. With smart phones being so capable of so many things my laptop has taken a backseat to my technology needs. Don't get me wrong, I still need my laptop and plan to continue to use it for this blog. Blogging more than a quick thought or a photo is entirely too complicated on a smart phone. I want to still keep in touch with the blogging world but just don't have the drive to do a full on post everyday. So I started a secondary blog connected to Monkeys & Windex. It's called Penny Thoughts. Basically it's my thoughts throughout the day. A photo of what's on my mind at the moment. I came up with the name because I had a thought about when someone is daydreaming and is asked "A penny for your thoughts".  Some thoughts are so random that they really have no purpose, others are "Ah-Ha" moments. All posts on Penny Thoughts are published from my phone with a quick email. I know I could send them to M&W just as easily but I really felt that my random thoughts deserved their own page. Sometimes you will see repeat posts between M&W and Penny Thoughts because I feel they need to be shared with everyone possible. Or because I may have a random thought I publish on Penny Thoughts while on the go and want to expand on it later though M&W. 

There are a couple of different ways to get to Penny Thoughts:

  • You could always type in the url.   pennythoughts2013.blogspot.com
  • You can click on the beautiful Gerbera daisy photo on the top right of my sidebar. The photo links to Penny Thoughts. (note* the side bar is only visible in the web version of the blog, not on mobile)
  • You can click on the link at the top of the page, just under the blog title, labeled Penny Thoughts. (note* this menu is also visible on mobile. you have to click on the drop menu just under the blog title when viewing on your phone.)
One more thing about the Penny Thoughts blog. The Friend Connect widget is no longer available to newly created blogs. Personally I think this is the dumbest move Google has made with the take over of blogger. Anyways, even though you can't follow with the friend connect any longer you can still follow by email and other blog readers. At the bottom of the blog page there are the widgets for following. Maybe if you already have a blogger account you can follow Penny Thoughts by manually adding the url. Not sure if it's possible, but if you try it and figure it out please let me know so I can pass along this information.

Now I'm off to do whatever my fancy desires... which is code for doing housework.... LOL

Enjoy the day & smile!


P.S. Don't forget to let me know what you think of Penny Thoughts!!


  1. I have added your new blog to my reader :)

    I love seeing you there, even if it is just a quick pop in

    1. Thank you Mynx! That's so sweet of you ^_^

  2. With so many social networks and platforms, it's hard to keep track with everybody. I am myself starting to gradually withdraw from Facebook and I'm "growing out" of Tumblr. "The Smiling Angel" will soon be my only doorway to blogland.

    So many people I met here have since moved to other forums, but I just can't follow them all, and God knows, new networks are making their way every years. As long as you keep posting over here from time to time, I'll be blowing you kisses all the way from Winterland!


    1. Hiya Jon!

      I completely understand. I rarely open my laptop anymore. Mostly I just use my phone for any social media stuff. I mainly only use Tumblr as a filler for time when I'm waiting in line somewhere or taking a 5 minute break here and there. It's more of a relaxer to just go on and see the silly & sexy photos.

      I think bloggerland has it's purpose. I think it runs it's course (for most people) being an outlet for us when we feel we have no other outlet for the mass amounts of life running through our brains each day. As the stress lessens, or we learn to manage it better, we tend to fade away from the internet in general. I know I have. I rarely even email anyone anymore. No worries though. Those of you who are most important to me, not to name names (Jon) I promise to never lose complete contact with. ;)

      I'm not going away anytime soon. I may not always be here, per-say, but I will always be around.

      I will always be searching for those kisses in the wind. Smiling when they caress my cheek :)

      Kisses & Love

    2. Exactly. I couldn't have said it better. My, you've become quite a wise lady, my dear!

      *blows a kiss*


    3. I don't know about being all that wise, but I have had help from great friends in learning how to see the world for what it truly is, and how to accept & live with it. ;)

      *catches a kiss & smiles*

      Gros câlins et bisous

  3. Oh I am going to have to go and check out Penny Thoughts now because that is what good followers do.............and I am a good follower.........am I not........do not answer that...........lol

    1. Haha! Yes, Jo-Anne, you are a good follower!! Thank you :D


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