Picture perfect morning...

As I lay in bed waking up I hear one of the girls pouring cereal into a bowl. Upon hearing this I suddenly remember that we were out of milk and I was supposed to pick some up on the way home from dinner last night. SHIT! I jump out of bed and tell the girls to get a move on it!! There wouldn't be enough time for me to get them to school and allow them to eat at the school, soooo McD's it was. With luck I was able to get Kiera to school on time, since she starts later than Lily. Lily was only 3 minutes late, and I think everyone even remembered to brush their teeth, I think... :/

As usual in my world if you are in a hurry then the universe is not going to be on my side. Today was no different. First when I walked out of the house this is the site that greeted me.

At a whopping 25 Degrees F the world was a frosty delight.

So of course the windows were frosted over and we had to wait for them to defrost because we don't have our scrapers out yet! (I forgot to take a photo of that).

Then the train was running, and for once I was first in line. They really should have those bars that come down to block traffic because this coal train was hauling serious ass..

After 130 cars the train finally passed and we were on our way. 

A block later and were finally there, waiting patiently for our breakfast.

And we have fresh from the fryer and the.... microwave (not sure how they make the McGriddles) our breakfast!

And our drinks too!

After I dropped the girls off I had to run some errands. What a day to forget my sunglasses!!

Finally about 9 am everything started to thaw out, but by then I was already cozied back up in my warm little house not willing to go outside and weather the cold to get more photos. Maybe tomorrow.



  1. what a fast morning and nope not coming to visit you if there is frost on the ground my toes are screaming Noooo

    1. Well I guess I'll just have to go south then!! LOL

  2. ♫♪It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood♫♪


    1. Hiya Jon-Jon!!

      With everything seeming to go wrong it really was a beautiful day. I kinda did set it like Mister Roger's didn't I?

      So happy to see you


  3. Love the 2nd photo of the frost. Just magical.
    And I am a huge fan of McDonalds breakfasts although we dont have them often.
    Hash browns are my weakness


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