Daily Thanks: Day 5...

Day 5: I'm thank for the kindness of others.
     I'm thankful to our friends the Olivers for allowing us to borrow their truck while my car was in the shop so that we could have a vehicle that would legally transport all four of us. Also it was kinda hard for me to get into the Sailors truck. There is no sidestep to help and with an 8" lift I kinda need a bit of help, especially with a bad knee and a halfway jacked up foot. So thank you very much for your kindness, my knee and foot thank you very much. Trick or Treating was also much easier with one vehicle rather than two.

Here is Kiera (7) hanging from the Sailors truck if that helps you to see how big it is. (i think the tires are 35's).

This is the truck the Olivers let us borrow. Yes it practically as tall if not as tall as the Sailors, but it holds all of us and it has a sidestep to help me when getting in. Thanks again guys!!



  1. Love this serie about thankfulness. I have a post under way about the same topic... if only I could find some time to finish it off!!!

    Now what's the deal with all those trucks being jacked up like that. Is it one of this big macho thing again??? ;P


    1. Haha!! Hi Jon :)

      It's just a country boy thing, the trucks being jacked up. I fully admit I love it. I love the way it looks & I love driving them. What I don't love is getting in them. Out is okay, you just sorta slide down slowly, but when you have bad knees climbing in is kinda hard on them. The red truck was much easier to get into than the green one. Granted most of the guys that have these lifted trucks can usually just jump into them. Well, this lady can't jump to save her life!!

      I hope you're able to find the time to finish your post about thankfulness. I'm really looking forward to reading it, as I am with anything you create.

      Gros câlins mon chér,

  2. That is a pretty cool truck and you have wonderful friends who are able to help you out like that.

  3. Oh wow, I love how high Sailors truck is, that's some motor. bet it is a good ride. But with a dodgy leg, I'm with you, I'd have difficulty getting in and getting out, but sometimes a little pain is worth it for a good ride....Waving from Brighton!


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