12 days past due!!

I can't believe I missed 12 days of what I'm thankful for! HOLY WOW! My only excuse is that sometimes I get in a funk. Depressions peeks it's ugly head in the door and says, "Hello my dear..."  It grips me tight sometimes and doesn't want to let go. Then something will happen that will snap me out of my funk. Shoving depression back through the door and slamming it shut once again. Sometimes it's something big and sometimes it's something small. This time it was something that I consider to be both. The sound of my kids laughter tinkling in the air is such a small simple thing, yet for me it's enormous. When you no longer have the ability to hear one of your children's laughter because they are gone forever the impact of your remaining children's laughter, or that of any child, becomes enormous. What most people take for granted each day I crave with an un-measurable passion. To hear my girls laughter, be it a bubbly giggle or belly rolling laughter, is a blessing I will forever cherish and strive to hear as much as possible. The right now is the only guarantee we have in life. You must grab it, enjoy it and cherish it while you can for we never know what tomorrow may bring us...

Today I'm thankful I get the joy of hearing my girls laugh. In such a short life they've lived there has been so much tragedy. Enough that some kids wouldn't be able to cope. Lucky for us our girls have survived the loss of their baby sister and their Grandfather, all within the last three years, with surprising ease. The fact that they are able to live life carefree and still laugh with and at each other and the world is a miracle on it's own. A miracle that I am thankful for. Life is hard, so hard most of the time. But if you stop and enjoy the good things about life, big or small, it doesn't seem so bad.

Now, since I am SO far behind on my daily thanks here are 11 things I've been thankful for in the past week and half...

  1. Crock-pots... without one I would never be able to make pot roast...YUM!
  2. DVR.... other wise I would never see any television... it's impossible to watch with 2 kids, 2 cats & a dog running around. With DVR I can wait until night when all is quiet and simply enjoy.
  3. Flushing toilets... I know, TMI! But still, imagine life without it! now if I could just train the cats...
  4. Washers & Dryers...I would never get to sleep if I had to wash laundry by hand.... that or everyone would wear the same damn thing all week!! (no jokes-- keep your pot shots to yourself. lol)
  5. Coffee pots with timers.... Just set it up the night before and BAM! Caffeine when you wake up!
  6. My kids memory... Sometimes I wish that my kids didn't have such a good memory... they always manage to trip me up with the truth... other times though, I'd not make it through the day if I didn't have them to remind me of stuff.
  7. Unexpected company..... It was wonderful to have my Muffin come and keep me company while I was getting my hair done this past week. Muffin always makes me smile & laugh.. Thank you! ♥
  8. My dog.... the moments we spend each morning, just the two of us, outside tossing & retrieving rocks in the driveway... He's always so eager to play and I swear I can see him smile while he waits for me to throw the next rock.
  9. My cats.... not once in the last year since I adopted my cats have I had a mouse! I LOVE YOU!
  10. Firemen... not only do they do a service to the community by saving lives at the risk of their own life, but help to support many communities through charities. Don't believe me?? Check out this charity

Quebec Firefighters Foundation
 for Major Burn Victims

     11. Receiving mail...usually receiving mail isn't so pleasant due to the amount of bills
           and/or junk mail we receive each day. However today I received a package from a very
           special friend. This package included not only the firemen's calendar you can buy from the
           aforementioned charity, but it included the cutest card ever!! I may have to frame it. Along
           with the card was a wonderful handwritten letter from my friend. It was the most wonderful
           thing evah!! It totally made my day and I still can't stop smiling! Thank you Jon-Jon ♥

So there, I'm all caught up on my daily thankfulness.. I hope I didn't bore you too much. I promise to try to keep up with the daily posts. Wish me luck! LOL



  1. Depression does rear it's ugly head for me also. Probably does for most people. It has been 3 years since Mom died...as hard as that has been I can not even begin to imagine how hard it has been for you and Jason. The loss of a child is a pain no parent should ever have to undure. Yet you have...with humor, spunk, grit, and whatever else you can find to give you this strength. How lucky "Cletus" and "Jethro" are to have such amazing parents to call Mom and Dad!

  2. Each time I think to myself, "If there isn't a post today..." you show up again. Thank goodness, because all I can do is send an email saying, "Where the %^$# are you? Hope everything's okay! Sending light, love, and Hugs!!!" I can't help it; I worry, I worry, I worry... Then my imaginative brain starts conjuring all kinds of disasters.
    When depression hits it can help to spill your guts... I hope you know you can spew this direction any time! P

  3. I LOOOVE handwritten letters! ;)

    Flushing toilet AND 3-Ply Ultra Soft Bathroom Tissue. I just don't wanna think about how they did it before toilet paper was invented!

    I'm also thankful for electricity, running water, central heating, computors, CD players, buses and subways, grocery stores and shopping malls.......... :P

    And I'm thankful for the laughter of those I love and the smile they put on my face.


  4. i love handwritten notes it's why i try to send them often and flushing toilets are good to


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