Daily Thanks...

Day 3: I am thankful for car manuals.
     Two weeks ago I hit a deer with my car. It's been in the shop ever since. Yesterday it was finished and I was able to pick it up. Only thing wrong with it was once night came and I went to get in my car the lights didn't come on when I opened the door. WTH? No where could I find the button to fix this. There was the button to turn them on manually and adjust the brightness of the dash lights, but no button to make them work with the door. So today I am thankful for car manuals. Yes the thick book in the glove box that no one ever opens but is afraid to toss out. Without it I would have never found the button (right in front of my face) to make my dome lights turn on with the door opening up.

Have a great Saturday night & stay safe.



  1. aw i'm thankful things worked out for you and thank goodness for big books

    1. Thanks Becca! And Yes! Big books are a blessing sometimes. Especially ones with an index!!



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