This & That

The weather is finally turning nice and the sun is shining bright each morning. It really makes for great photo opportunities. The first being spiderwebs still covered in morning dew.

Then there's Red running around and playing after his morning business is taken care of.

The sun and a close up angle can even make my dusty gravel driveway  look pretty.

As I turned from taking the photos of the gravel I found a very nice surprise. 

A birds nest on the sewer pipe under the camper. What kind of nest you ask? That's right, a robins nest.

Such a pretty blue isn't it? Reminds me of another pretty blue, usually in box form ;)
Hopefully this little guy will hatch and grow before we go camping, otherwise... bye bye birdy!!

Lastly a couple of more photos I took and really liked.

This last photo is my favorite out of the ones I took yesterday morning right after the ones of the gravel.

Overall it was a good day and very beautiful. I hope your day is beautiful and your weekend loads of fun.

Love Huggs


  1. great photos i love the one of the egg so pretty

  2. CoreyJo:

    Funny...I see that you hit the deadline for Haiku Monday, but unless I'm as blind as a badger with his head up an ass, I don't see a post....hmmmmmmm?

    Regardless, I liked...

    Great photos, btw, you really do have a great eye for photography!


    1. Rafa,

      Ha, yes I made the deadline. From my phone from my bed. 20 minutes after I went to bed just as I was falling into that complete sleep my eyes popped open, DAMN IT!! So I grabbed my phone and quickly threw down the first thing that came to mind. Sorry no post this time. Maybe next week. Glad you liked it. And thank you, I'm also glad you like my photos :)



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