Lazy days

After a sleep over next door Kiera was just too pooped to play and true to form when the energy was gone she was out, no matter where she was.

I so very rarely turn on the television that when we do watch a movie Red is all about watching it. He's getting so big. That's the Sailor in the back ground. Red is 7-8 months old and he weighs 60 lbs if not more, and he's not even done growing yet!!

Mable & Bonnie have really become bosom buddies. I'm starting to wonder if it's not love

Love Huggs


  1. That picture of Kiera cracks me up! And your cats are super duper cute! Did you decided what to do with them during construction?

    1. Hey Rosie!

      Kiera is notorious for passing out whenever & wherever! I'm thinking I'm gonna lock them in the bedroom when the doors are being opened, or stick them in the camper. If they get out they get out. They're both fixed so running away and death are the only worries. We'll see...



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