Play dates for dogs..

This is what 80% of my weekend will consist of. Today it 90% inside because of the rain. I can barely tolerate the smell of a wet dog, let alone 2 wet dogs. However this is my fate for the holiday weekend. We are dog sitting for my brother in-law & sister in-law. He's a great dog, although I think I'm going to need lots of asprin!

It's like watching two teenagers make out at the movies. There is no sound because the radio was on and loud. Anyways, enjoy this little glimpse into my holiday. Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend!

Love Huggs

The infamous Red and his buddy Peyton

Useless Knowledge

Snakes do not urinate. 
They secrete and excrete uric acid, 
which is a solid, chalky, 
usually white substance.


  1. Replies
    1. They are the best of buddies!! Red was depressed for a couple of days after his buddy went home. Like I said, they are like teenagers!!



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