Haiku Monday...

Wow! I'm actually on time with my haiku! Aren't you so proud of me? Well, I'm proud of me :)

This weeks competition is being held by Curmudgeon over at The Curmudgeon's Complaint, and the theme this week is "Circle".  Be sure to stop over there and have a look see at what the competition is like and if you're cheeky enough drop a haiku of your own off for judgement. Better hurry though the deadline is 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time.

Circle of Love:

With this ring I pledge...
My heart is forever yours.
Never ending Love.


  1. CoreyJo:

    Just over a year ago..."Together forever, never to part, be it sickness or death or an unholy FART!"

    Aaahhh, sweet memories! Oh, and I like your haiku, too!! Nicely done.

    Blessings and tons & tons of SMILES!!!


  2. Rafa,

    Time really flies when you're trying to figure out how to use a camera! LOL (not really LOL but I'm trying to be nice) :D

    Seriously, I'm so happy that things have turned out so well for you both.

    It's a nice haiku, but it holds nothing to yours this week.

    Thank you for the smiles & the blessings... I need them more than ever...



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