Friday Confessional...

Hosted by Mamarazzi
Link up and confess your secrets from the week.
You know you want to.
I confess...  Part of the reason I haven't posted this week is due to my new obsession of Words with Friends on facebook.
I confess...  I failed to clean my house this week, and I dread this weekend because now I have to do it all at once.
I confess...  I finally cleaned my desk and I still don't use the home pc, I'd rather use my laptop.
I confess... Now that summer is almost over I'm finding myself anticipating a daily break from my kids & the coffee dates with my girl Burnie.
I confess... I'm also scared to be alone so much again once the girls go back to school. A quiet house isn't always a good thing.
I confess... I've dearly missed my friend Becca's blog, Everyday Life, since she's been vacationing at Disney!!
Well enough about me. What about all of you?
Enjoy the weekend & make it a great one.


  1. i am soooo obsessed with Words with Friends...but my hubz is even more obsessed.

  2. Jehan-Pierre8/21/11, 4:40 PM

    Now, now, now! My dear CJ, you can do much better than that... I haven't got enough substancial sins to give you my absolution...

    Wait a minute... What's that business with Facebook?... Are you deserting the Holy Church of Blogger to fornicate with that dreadful heresy that is Facebook!

    Well, young lady, you are leaving with no other choice but to perform an exorcism to cleanse your soul from these devilish urges!

    SO! How's your weekend so far? ;)
    Jon ♫♪♫

  3. Hi Mamarazzi,

    I'm obsessed, but unfortunately I'm not winning much. I won't give up though!!

    Thanks for stopping by. :)


  4. Oh But Jon!!

    F/B is how I stalk my family and friends. And how I always know everything before Jason does!! I would never desert the Holy Church of Blogger..How could I? I host the Sunday Service!!

    It's been good for the most part. The weather is beautiful!


  5. Send me a game request. Search daisy@curiousdaisy.com on the email side and let me know if I pop up!

  6. paging CJ, paging CJ, please return to your normally scheduled programming?

  7. Girl don't worry, you got another friend not far away who would be happy to spend time with you when the midgets head off to school! I love lunch/shopping dates or just plan hanging out.

    p.s. i will try to attend more sunday services too....


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