Flashback #2 →The Transformation

  Three months after Jason and I were married we decided to start a family.  We figured that with me being on birth control religiously for 4 years that it would take a little while for us to conceive.  Boy were we ever wrong. When they, whoever they are, say that it only takes once, they weren't lying.  And so began the transformation that was once my youthful body into what was often referred to as "Holy S%*t" by those we knew. Every month we took a profile photo of me to send back home and show everyone the progress. At the time we lived in California. The tradition of monthly photos started when my older, little (really she was tiny, but that wouldn't sound right in the sentence.) sister, Valisatie, became pregnant with twins. From then on it became a tradition for us. I've taken all of these photos and scanned them together to show you the TRANSFORMATION.

Man I was skinny, and so young...Those were the days!! lol

This last photo is the day Lily was born. I was hungry, in pain, tired, anxious, and million other things. I was most definitely tired of having my picture taken, hence the face.

All in all it was good and easy birth. It just took for ever to get to the pushing. (17 hrs) Then I pushed for 16 minutes and at 11:46 pm on March 31, 2001 Lily Elizabeth Canning was born. Due to technology and poor packing skills, I've yet to find any more of Lily's photos from birth. This is the only one I have readily available.

I love you Lily, with all my heart and then some.

Did I mention that I beat out our friend Rob in the baby pool by 14 minutes!! That's right, don't mess with Mama!

Keep your eyes open for the next flash back "Lily-The First Two Years" coming soon..

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Love & Huggs


  1. I love it!! Isn't it great to look back on the pregnancy tho... So nice to see the transformation!

  2. i wish i had taken more pics during my pregnancy i loved every moment and so wanted to do again i loved it. you were cute pregnant did everyone want to rub your belly

  3. Love see the pics again Sis! I can't believe how fast time flies. Love ya!

  4. Jehan-Pierre8/25/11, 5:19 PM

    Everytime I see a lady on the verge of breaking waters, it always reminds me of that episode of Roseanne.

    D'ya remember when Jackie, Rosanne's sister was pregnant and she rushes into Rosanne's kitchen in extreme anxiety, pulls her shirt up showing a fully inflated belly and says: "How something this big can go throught something this small" (speaking obviously of the evacuation pipe!).

    And Rosanne, laughing and giggling answers: "Well, don't worry... muscle stretch... bones crack!"

    I mean, I would be terrified if I were in your place... I would go like: "Doctor, cut me open and take it out through my belly, there is no way I'm gonna do the pushing-breathing routine!!!"

    17 hours... Mothers are the real heros in this world!
    Jon ♫♪♫

  5. You know I love you Corey Jo, but if I saw you coming at 40 wks, I would so NOT be holding the elevator!


    I told that joke to my sister last year (when she was near to bursting), and she told me that I should do something wonderful to myself.

    Seeing as she liked it so, I thought you might appreciate my bit of mirth...


  6. Sorry for the long wait on my reply, and the mass reply.

    @Beth→ It's the coolest thing on Earth, being pregnant. I have the same for Kiera & Maggie, but those are future posts.

    @Becca→ I would still do it if I didn't have to keep the baby. But nobody I know wants, or needs a serrogate. YES everyone wanted to touch it, it was HUGE!! ♥

    @Valisatie→ I remember the day you told us you were prego with twins. Now they are almost 17!! Love you too sis!

    @Jehan-Pierre→ OMG! I remember that episode. Well, muscles stretched, things were cut, but nothing broke, so I'm doing good! Thank You friend. ♥♥

    @Rafa→ Bwahahaha!! Now that's funny. Even Jason laughed at it. Probably because he was there, and he knows there was no way in hell I could have moved fast enough in the first place. I was as big as a House!! Although there was that last little bit of caster oil that tried to escape...
    Love you too.



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