Friday Confessional...

Hosted by Mamarazzi.

Link up and confess your
secrets from the week.

I confess : That I leave the Knox Crew blog open while I'm on the net just to listen to their awesome play list.

I confess : That while I'm happy for my friends honeymoon in Tahiti, I'm also jealous that I don't get to go.

I confess : I made a really stupid mistake Monday, by not protecting myself from the sun.

I confess : I may have let being in charge over at Becca's go to my head a little bit.

I confess : That sometimes the stress is too much.

I confess : That I will miss spending time with my midgets when school starts in a couple of weeks.

I confess : That I let other peoples lies keep me from having a great relationship with an old friend. I'm glad that I now know the truth, and that we've reconnected. She truly is an awesome person, through and through. (and she has great taste in music)  ;)

That's enough confessional from me for this week. Tune in next week for more.
Enjoy the weekend


  1. I will give you the same absolution a gave Becca a while ago. So... *caugh-caugh* :

    "I forgive you in the name of the Above, the Below and the Whatever that flies in between! Now you may go in peace my child and sin again!"

    AH! Tahiti... Lucky boys! I want to live on a sailboat in Tahiti... ;)

  2. LOL!

    Thank You 'Father'! I'll be back next week for more confessions!

    I just wanna go to BORA-BORA Damn It!


  3. Aw that is so cool chica!!! I will update the list for you so it stays fresh!! Love..


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