Pool Party...

What a way to spend the weekend. Pool party after pool party. I'm starting to believe that the girls are turning into fish!! Jason had to work on Saturday but was able to make it while the food was still hot. Lots of fun, family, friends, food, & drinks! It was a great weekend through and through.

Thank you Oliver family for the great party on Saturday.

Thank you Trowbridge & Decker family for the best 5th birthday party we've ever been to.

 *Poor Jason. After working all day and most of the evening, arrived to the pool party only to be thrown in before he could change.*


  1. It doesn't look like Jason was complaining!! I'm glad your weekend ended on a happy note.
    Love you,

  2. No, he didn't complain. But Willie had to hold him while he emptied his pockets & we took off his new work boots!! It was a great weekend.

    Love you!

  3. pool parties are the best especially in summer

  4. I love watching the girls jump in over & over & over....


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