Fourth of July Weekend...

I've went camping all my life. For the first many years it was in a tent. It didn't matter what season it was, we were camping. Eventually my parents upgraded to a camper. It was cramped, but it had heat & a mattress. Unfortunately we still had to use the outhouse, which was always far away and filled with spiders.

Thank God Jason likes camping in a tent as much as I do. (which would be nil) He bought us a very nice camper with tons of room, a toilet, heat, and even air conditioning. Yes, I know, I'm spoiled. Not only did he provide us with comfort, he took us to a class A campground.

This past fourth of July weekend the girls and I spent our days at the POOL!! Yes a pool at a campground. I didn't know such a thing existed. Anyways here are a few photos of the girls enjoying their days at the pool and at the campsite.


*NOTE* This is not our camper in the background. It is the neighbors RV.


  1. Yeah! I am so happy to add you to my blogroll! Although it seems very obvious now I didn't realize the camper had a driving part. I guess I thought you just hooked it up to the truck! OMG!

  2. Haha! Silly Lady, that's someone elses RV next to our campsite. Ours IS a pull behind. I'm leaning on it to take the photo.


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