Sirens deafening.
Heart seizes, my thoughts mired
in the past: Maggie...


  1. Just beautiful, CoreyJo. Such complex emotions tied into 17 simple syllables. PERFECT.

    I haven't been able to tie much poetic prose together of late, but you have inspired me with some words, and thought I'd share:

    Margaret is a shining star
    So bright she can't be seen
    Close your eyes and think of her
    As only you can do
    Picture her with smiling face
    Giggles all aglow
    Reaching with her little hand
    Pigtails tied just so

    Tap into all your senses
    Know she's all about
    Listen with your heart splayed wide
    Feel her in your soul
    See her with your mind's eye clear
    Don't shed a sarrowed tear
    Smell her, taste her, eat her up
    As if it's your last breath
    Then fill your lungs with her sweet song
    Sing it to the Heavens

    Wrap yourself in swaddled care
    As she washes through
    Safe within the knowledge
    All that's must to do
    Is close your eyes and think of her
    As only Mom can do

    LOVE you--


    1. Rafa,

      It's beautiful, I love it. It makes you feel, and you once told me that as long as it makes you feel that's all that matters.

      I'm glad I could inspire you, and hope to do so again and again.

      Love you Darling


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