Haiku Monday

Resident Miss Tardy Pants reporting for duty. (on time I might add). 

As the current host for Haiku Monday it's my duty to provide a theme for this week's contest. Considering the fact that I just barely made Becca's deadline I was most definitely not prepared to win and now host. Hence the long wait for the theme post. Being the rebel to rules that I am I have not picked a theme for this week. So many themes have been used since, and before, I started participating that I truly have no idea what has been used and what has not. I do, however, know that there have been many a time that I have a haiku written but no theme in which to enter it. Or I missed a week and kicked myself because I had a perfect haiku that maybe, just maybe, could have placed. I'm sure all of you out there have a haiku just sitting around sad and lonely, waiting for it's turn to shine. So in honor of all the lonely haiku's out there pining for their time to shine, and for all of us writers who hit a block once the theme is announced (which I am always guilty of), this weeks theme is and open theme.

Open Theme means that there is no set subject. You are free to write about whatever you wish. Break out the files and find that haiku that had no post to join. Now, me not being the most scholarly of people I may not always recognize your topic of choice so bear with me. Visuals are always great but not required, and neither is a blog. So all of you who follow me but don't have a blog feel free to enter the contest, or just post for giggles. I'm not a stickler for rules so the only one I'm enforcing this week is the 5-7-5 syllable pattern. Three entries allowed for judging per contestant, however feel free to post as many as you wish as long as you clearly mark which three you choose to enter for judgement. Typically the deadline is by midnight Monday night. However since so many of us are from around the world and across the country anything posted (or awaiting moderation) when I turn on my computer Tuesday morning will be accepted into the contest.

I know it's not conventional to have an Open Theme, but with Mother's Day this weekend and so many new things with the change in seasons it really was difficult to pick just one subject. So I hope everyone comes out to play and brings their best. It's been a while since I taxed my brain on more than what the monkeys toss at me on a daily basis I'm excited to see what you can bring to the table.

To start you off here is the last poem I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I didn't enter in the contest because I wasn't thinking. I just posted it. According to our resident mischief maker, Mr. Smartypants RafaDe, it fit right in with the theme for the week, persistence.


Sirens deafening.
Heart seizes, my thoughts mired
in the past: Maggie...

Here's your chance to shine with whatever tickles your fancy! Good Luck to everyone & most of all Have Fun!!


  1. I don't know about conventional. Since I started playing the haiku game I don't think I've seen anything resembling a tradition. And rules were made to be broken in this contest like no other. Personally, I think you are fitting in quite well. Rule breaker? If so, you are nicely unique about it.

    But, honestly? I have no haiku just sitting on a shelf. I produce them purely for the contest, usually based on the theme. You offer a serious challenge. I don't get to be lazy this time. No worries. I'll figure it out. Have a fine weekend.

  2. first off, congrats on your win!

    Your haiku to your precious baby girl touches my heart ...

    big sigh and exhale here ..

    anyway .. your open nontheme theme is great .. :) i do have a few haiku sitting around since i started writing haiku before i participated in the contest. alas, to find them though .. i don't always label my posts. mayhaps, i'll write some new ones. we shall see.

  3. This is all I can do this week I think.

    Winter's cold brings blues.
    A hunger for sun and shine-
    Yet way too hot, ugh?!?

    Green seedlings grow well.
    Their scent and playfulness please-
    Funtabulous food.

  4. rising sea of clouds
    foaming waves in hottest days
    peaceful barefoot walk

    Eternal hunger
    Gnawing pain .. I rise, I seek ...
    Your morsel of brain ..

    I'm up over at thefoaming.blogspot.com.

  5. Kudos & congratulations on your win Corey Jo!
    I love the open theme .... it'll be a challenge!

    Your Haiku to Maggie is heartbreakingly lovely.

    I'll be back ....

  6. I am up. Did a few more while I was at it, here they are.

    Born of a reckless
    nature, of things here and there-
    Bastard but loved.

    A woman loving.
    She knew everything, good, bad.
    Changed diapers.

    Crazy, female, mom.
    Call her what you will, I do!
    Blessed, worthy, good.

  7. From one mother to another .. Happy Mother's Day!

  8. CoreyJo:
    You're as beautiful as your love. Shining through in ALL that you do.

    Bless you and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!


  9. Love this theme here are two I wrote a long time ago before I started playing hope you like and Happy mother's Day

    Playful waves tickle
    the smooth rock but seaweed hair
    uncombed hides it's smile

    Tall white rounded hats
    tilted just a tad latest
    fashion for fence post!

  10. Well, this is my first attempt at one of these. So I hope I have done it right. It kind of reflects on how I tend to think about things and work through any problems or issues I am having while washing the dishes. I don't know why, but I just find this a really relaxing time where I can think clearly. Perhaps because my husband and son avoid the kitchen at this time, for fear they might get roped into drying and putting away the dishes lol.
    So here goes nothing and sorry if I've done it wrong.

    Soap suds caress me
    as I scrub away disdain
    and discover hope.

  11. Good evening CoryJo,

    An open topic, interesting.

    I submit three for your approval.

    Do it for yourself
    For no one will less you do
    Esteem from within

    Winters withered one
    So bent so broken so sore
    In her time damn Hot!

    Spring sunrise blinding
    Her silhouette all I see
    No better image

  12. Hey, CoreyJo:

    I've a couple for ya'!!

    First, though, I want to thank you for the great theme. I've been gnawing at something inside me for awhile now, and you've allowed me to set it FREE!

    A thunderous CLAP!
    Lightning's flash illuminates
    Breath is brought to life

    My second is from old. It's one I did for Jon, but couldn't be judged, as it was over the limit. It's always been a bit dear to my heart, and thought I might share again:

    Polar’s velvet fleece
    Lost in Arctic’s cold expanse
    Warms me with a ((HUG))

    For those interested in the visuals, the links within the poems are perfectly safe. Anyone with an open mind, is welcome to join me HERE

    ****Note to Joss...LOVE your haiku! Well done!


  13. Yeah .... I missed the deadline.
    I'd like to post it anyway.

    There he lies .... alone.
    Hospital sterility
    No comfort, alone.

  14. Come ON, Corey Jo, snubbing Blaze tardy is like call'n the kettle BLACK... your not one of THOSE; are you?

    Plus, it truly is too good to pass a peaky at.

    My 2 cents, for what it's worth--


  15. Sorry, on the run!
    This weekend had no spare time!
    Work crazy bizzy!

    Some nice pieces dropped in by others, though.


  16. Uhm....CoreyJo...Uhm....I know ever'one hates me poke'n 'bout with ma popo on the rise, but where, prey tell, is my obligatory note?

    I've been wait'n so long my bollocks are BLUE! Even, "Raf, that's worse than mustard farts spray'n on my damn walls!", is better than nut'n.

    I'm waiting.....


  17. The winner has been announced! FINALLY!!

    Thank you everyone for bearing with me and my tardiness yet again. Thank you for the Mother's Day wishes. Also thank you for the wonderful comments about my haiku & my Miz Maggie Alice. All of you have hearts of gold and very much appreciated. I count myself extremely lucky to have friends like all of you.

    BIG Huggs & Kisses


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