Haiku Texture Winner!!

 Picking texture I thought I was going to make things simple for me. In reality I've made them quite complicated. All day yesterday and today while I painted trim until my arms felt like falling off I thought about each entry. I just kept reciting them over and over in my mind brush stroke after brush stroke. Thankfully I had to write this post or I'd not even get a break tonight. So this is going to be short and sweet.

Thank you to each and everyone one of you for playing this week. Thank you to Becca & Jon for donating their expertise at writing haiku for our entertainment. (I really wish you two would let us judge you once in a while).  Each haiku was amazing in it's own right, all of them pleasing to the ear as I recited them aloud. Some made me laugh, some taught me a lesson, some made me horny, one made me cry and one even made me gag. It still amazes me on how different people see the same thing so differently. I loved each and everyone and have had much difficulty in deciding which to pick the winner. If I had more time I would write about each one, but since I have a tendency to be quite long winded I'll just give you my top three picks, in no particular order.


Sheer liquidity
Glassy water's silken sheen
Masks what lies beneath

Makes me think of the unknown on the other side of the reflection. Is it the wonderful world of mermaids & mermen? Or is it the scary ghost of the lost and not yet found. I personally am very glad you decided on puting it with visuals, HOT HOT HOT!!


Corrugated face
displays personal hist'ry
of frequent laughter

More times than not when a person's wrinkles are talked about it's assumed it's from stress and hard times. I love that Fishy associated them with laughter and good times.


Lost in deaths spiral
Smooth paddle hundred joule jolt
Life's gift returned

This one really touched home with me. So many times I've wished this were the ending for my Maggie Alice, but it is what it is. I think it's the wording that really has me loving it and of course I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

Without further ado the winner is

Congratulations! The moment I read your poem it just popped for me. It flowed so smoothly and made me think of happy times. You now have the honor of hosting and the privilege of picking the next topic.

Thank you everyone! See you next week!

Love ♥ Huggs


  1. congrats Fishy way to go

  2. Congratulations, Fishy, and to you, CoreyJo, for your excellent hosting this week. I'm sure it won't be your last time.

  3. Excwellent choice! Nice job if hosting CoreyJo.

    Congrats Fishy.


  4. (Well obviously I can't type - long week...)LOL

  5. Congrats to FISHY! You've been missed these last couple of weeks, and you proved why with your haiku...EXCELLENT! LOVED IT!

    Well played and hosted, Missy Pants...perfect choice of theme and winner!

    Be blessed--


  6. Good evening CoryJo,

    Congratulations Fishy! Laugh lines, nature's way of telling other folks who has a sense of humor.

    CoreyJo: Thank you for the honorable mention and a fine job of hosting. I'd like you to know that the subject of the poem, did indeed have a happy outcome. He is very dear to me and was released from the hospital this afternoon.

  7. Wow!
    I am embarrassed by my delay in coming by to check the winner and .... well this is a great surprise and thank you all for the kind commentary.

    Corey Jo,
    I do believe "corrugated" faces very often do reflect positive experiences no matter how shocking the view is from the mirror. So often in life we think of
    "smooth" as positive and the opposites of smooth as negative. And yet most of our great successes in life do not come from those smooth experiences.

    I am honored to host this Monday and invite all to stop in at the Pond and play.

    The subject is "Ecosystem"


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