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Well it seems as though I've been given an award while I've been away on my latest hiatus. Thanks to Becca over at Everyday Life for awarding me with the Stylish Blogger Award.

I think this is the first time anyone has ever given me the compliment of being stylish. But then again we aren't talking about my wardrobe either. Along with this award I was told that I am supposed to link back to the blogger who awarded me this, and list 5 of my favorite moments in life. In no particular order here they are.

When I was 15 my family took a vacation to Ceder Point in Ohio. My older sister, Valisatie, and I were allowed to roam the entire park for two days alone with no parental eyes spying our every move.  This was the first time I was allowed to do something of that nature and it was also one of the best times I had with my sister growing up. We actually got along the entire time without one single cat fight!

I'm going to lump together 3 things here because I love each one the same and of course that's the birth of all three of my girls, Lily, Kiera, and Maggie Alice. How can those not be some of my top favorite moments in life?

I know that most people, who are married, would put their wedding on this list, however I'm not most people. As much as I loved my wedding in Las Vegas I have to admit the 6 hour drive back to our home, in California, on the Monday after our Saturday night wedding was one of the happiest moments in my entire life.  It was a very hot & long 6 hours. I was wearing funky neon socks, mens plaid boxer shorts, and my new husbands wife beater. Why that was important to tell you I don't know but it sticks out in my mind just as much as the laughter and smiles that came from my handsome husband I that day.

This is another one from childhood involving my sister Valisatie. I'm not sure how old we were but I must have been in my early teens. Mom and Dad used to go up north camping for the weekend and leave us home alone under the condition that we don't leave the house and have no visitors outside of family & adult family friends. Usually there was one or another of our adult family members designated to do a random check on us. Anyhow we were extremely bored one time and decided to take an entire brand new packet of writing paper and ball up each piece individually. The purpose of this was to have a snowball fight when there was no snow. The living and dining area were basically separated by the couch. One on each side and the war was on!! I don't know how long this went on but the mess was huge!! Two hundred paper balls is a lot! Well Mom & Dad always came home at the same time, only this time they were 3 hours early!!! Apparently it was raining up north.... My sister and I hurry up ans stashed all of the paper wads where ever we could. Under the couch, behind the book case, under the chair, and even some in the blankets that were always on our couch. After our parents came in and chatted for a bit they decided to go to bed. We had to quickly and quietly get rid of all the evidence before mom found out we wasted a whole packet of precious paper. I remember laughing so hard during the war and then the panicked giddiness of hiding everything, and then the frantic fun of disposing the evidence.

3 1/2 months after Lily was born Jason had to go on a 6 month cruise over seas (he was in the Navy). The year was 2001. He left at the beginning of August. On September 11th I was feeding Lily and watching the first plane crash into tower one. 'Oh my, that's horrible' I thought. Then I watched the second plane hit tower two and I knew with everything in my soul this was no coincident or accident. I had just talked to Jason the night before. He was in Singapore. I knew that all contact would be cut off from the boat and they wouldn't be docking in anymore ports. What I didn't kow was whether or not I was going to see my husband alive ever again. Just over 4 months later I remember standing on the dock in San Diego with thousands of other people watching our loved ones wave from the edge of the ships deck as they prepared to disembark. I remember the exact second I found Jason among the hundreds of people lining the deck all dressed in the exact same uniform. I remember watching him walk down the ramp searching for me again. Most of all I remember the taste of his lips as he kissed me and the strength of his arms as he embraced me for the first time in over six months. I also remember the look of love and wonderment as he picked his now 9 month old baby up and kissed and hugged her too. I had my Sailor Sam back, how could I not be happy?

I know that was probably a little bit more involved than what Becca was asking for, but hey, it's ME! And we all know how I can be. I hope you enjoyed this post. Now I'd like to pass this great award onto a blog that I think is not only stylish but classy & quite entertaining also, just like it's author.

And the award goes too!!!

Mistress Maddie

Now Mistress Maddie, should you choose to accept this award it would be mighty kind of you if you would also share with us 5 favorite moments from your life and award your favorite stylish blog with this honor.

Well that's it for today. Don't forget to check out yesterdays post and possible join in the fun of Haiku. This weeks theme is Texture, and yours truly is the host!!

Love Huggs


  1. That Cedar Point trip was awesome - wasn't it!! Remember the paint tatoos?!?!

    And I totally forgot about the indoor snowball fight (must be the Effie syndrome). That was insane! Mom's probably still wondering what happened to all the paper.

    1. Funny thing, I don't remember the tattoos, but I do remember that poor boy who had just shaved his head. Seeing him in the morning with a nice and white head, then again in the evening seeing him with a bright RED head sitting on a fountain ledge. He looked close to tears. Still makes me go "OH DAMN!!"

      Love ya Sis

  2. Nope it is why I gave you the award you did amazing and i love all your answers.



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