As usual I'm extremely late at posting about something. My friend Daisy has officially informed (chastised) me that I neglect Monkeys & Windex. She is right 100%, and for that I apologize. If I also want to avoid further chastisement, this time from Rafa, for posting about holidays/events in the wrong month I had better get on the ball. I also wouldn't want Muffin to have to resort to chemistry homework with her morning coffee due to my negligence.

I'm sure all of you at some point in your life have experienced the winter blues. Even if you now live in Southern California (not mention names, Darling) I'm sure you remember what winters were like in the Midwest. I do believe that is what has happened to me. As the winter continues on and the days drag into one another I begin to lose all sense of time. The time of day, the day of the week, the next thing I know almost a month has went by without me posting on my blog or even visiting the blogs on my blog list.  Then I went to Texas for a week. Which brings me to the post.

For a week at the end of January I went to Texas to see my longtime friend Rose (aka Daisy from A Daily Dose of Daisy). The first night there we played board games and had fun hanging out with her boyfriend JP, and two of her friends.

from left to right
Selena, Rose, She who shall not be named, & Yours truly

For the next couple of days it was just us girls and trip to the beach!

Since I was the least hung over from the night
before I opted to drive to North Padre Island.

It was little grey and windy at the beach. I can't complain though, it was 70° out still. Selena learned to fly a kite for the first time and we found lots of shells in the wash.

Selena's thinking of making a career change...

Honestly we weren't plotting against Selena...maybe

When night came we still didn't want to go inside so we built a fire and lazed around making s'mores.

Thanks to a couple retiring for the night we
didn't have to try to start the fire
in all that wind.

Finally we had to return to the city to pick up JP at the airport. We decided to make his homecoming extra special with some fancy signs made by the the crafty Selena.

♥ We Missed you ♥

For the next couple of days we shopped, lounged around, and ate lots and lots of delicious tacos for all different places. We even had cupcakes for dinner one night. 

Purple cupcakes with an Oreo base & chocolate frosting!
Rose makes amazing cupcakes (she's a great cook too).

We went to eat at Puffy Tacos. OMG!! It's a must have if you're ever in the area, as is Bill Miller, Rudy's BBQ, and Taco Cabana.

This was just outside the front door.

After we stuffed ourselves we went to the downtown area by the Alamo. No I didn't get any photos of the Alamo, but then again who hasn't seen it before anyways. (code for I didn't think about photos for the blog and I'm too lazy to look up a photo now). We went to a haunted house. Yes I mentioned that I don't do haunted houses, I don't think they heard me though.

I may look all relaxed but that place was scary as Hell!!

We also visited the Guinness World Record Museum, and went on a 3D Tomb Raider Ride.

Aren't we a purty bunch with our 3D glasses?

On my last day day there we went to a local sports bar and had some delicious food & drinks and played darts until it was time for me to go to the airport.

Rose & I enjoying our last hours together.
Love you Rosie!!

Just as my plane was taking off for home the sun was setting.

 Please forgive the quality of the photo.
Not only was I using my old phone
to take the photo, I had the most
scratched up window I have
ever seen on a plane.

The flight was quick & uneventful. The Sailor met me with a beautiful smile and a delicious kiss. It was another 2 hours or so before we reached home. Since the girls were spending the night with their cousin & aunt the Sailor & I had a very "nice" home coming... a week is a long time to be away from the one you love.

Well I hope you liked the shortened version of my trip to Texas. I'd share more but like Vegas, 'What happens in Texas stays in Texas!!'  LOL!

Next post I'll show you what the girls made for me while I was gone. :) Thanks for stopping by. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday.

Love Huggs


  1. what a fun trip so happy you got to go and hang out with friends and no worries about posting it after the fact gave you something to talk about when nothing else is happening.


  2. Now those Oreo base cupcakes... brilliant! Why didn't I think of that before.

    You know CJ that this is your blog and you shouldn't feel pressured to post anything when you don't feel like it. That's our problem when we start a blog and realise that there are people out there who are showing interest. We think we owe them but the fact is that we don't.

    So, blog every day or only once a month, it's up to you to decide what's best!


  3. Thanks Corey! I had the best time hanging out with you. Like I said before I love seeing you relaxed and with no one to care about/yell at! LOL!
    You are 100% welcome to come back any time you wish.

  4. @ Becca→ So true!! lol Big Huggs ♥


    @ Jon→ The Oreo cupcakes are Amazing! You may need more moisture for the cake batter though. Thanks for always being one of my biggest supporters. And you're 100% right, as always! ♥♥


    @ Daisy→ Thank you for everything! It was a much needed vacation. You're an amazing friend and an amazing person. Not sure when, but I'll be back! (haha I heard the terminators voice say that as I typed it!) Love you!!

    Love you all, and thank you

  5. CoreyJo:

    I remember very well the feeling of "blue"...WINTER?!?! Not so much! BALLS?!?! I'm still choked up over the whole affair of unrequited release.



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