As the regular visitors can see I've change a couple of things like adding a new title header, and some of the text colors and fonts. If you're viewing this on a mobile unit then this doesn't apply to you for the mobile viewing is a different setup. For those of you on a pc or tablet please let me know if a font or font color is hard to read. :)

Last night I was chatting with a friend, lets call her 'Muffin', and asked her if she would check out the changes I made to the blog. During this chat Muffin told me, "I had nothing to read with my coffee Monday". I of course apologized and explained that mentally, and emotionally, I was drained after the last big post. Which in turn affects my creative thought process.  During my conversation with Muffin I had a BRILLIANT idea for a post and cryptically told her so in between virtual giggles. Of course I was side tracked and didn't get to my post right away. By the time I was ready to put the post together my so called brilliant idea was missing. Yes, missing. I searched and searched, and it was no where to be found. My brilliant idea is MIA!!

Well Shit! Now that I've opened my mouth and bragged to Muffin about my brilliant idea I have to post SOMETHING! I can't just wait for inspiration to hit me. I had to dig into my closet of ideas and hope I could find one that would be worthy of a cup of a morning coffee. So a digging I went. Shoes?, nope. The filing cabinet that I haven't used since we moved in 7 years ago?, nope. Photo boxes? yes! Wait, no time. Damn it! Board games?, no. Jason's rifle/shotgun?, not going to happen. A deflated exercise ball? Hmm maybe I should blow it up, it might do me more good. Naw. Well damn. I've got nothing hidden in my closet. Sigh.

Okay, since I can't find anything in my closet all I have left to give is a little bit of me. Hurry up and refill your coffee Muffin, I don't have all day here. 

When I started Monkeys & Windex I didn't expect anyone other than family and a few friends to follow. Since there are people who now follow this blog who don't know me I thought I would just tell a few facts about myself. Yes, Muffin, I know you already know most of this. As soon as I find that brilliant idea that's M.I.A. I'll be sure to wow you, okay? This will hold you over for now.

~My favorite kinds of movies are the classic Musicals.

~I never leave, go to sleep, or hang up the phone without saying, "I Love You" to my loved ones.

~I can talk about anything, yet when I get on the phone I become very shy.

~I would rather read the book than watch the movie.

~My best friend is an Alpha Bitch, and I like it!

~If I could live anywhere in the world I would live in Ireland.

~I married my husband of 11 1/2 years after dating him in person for only 10 days.

~My best accomplishments in life are my 3 girls.

~I am the Queen of procrastination.

~I miss my ex boyfriends younger brother as if he were my own brother. (which I have none of)

~Professional Bull Riding is my favorite sport, and not just because of the cowboys.

~Contrary to popular belief, I do cry & I am not as strong as everyone thinks.

~I crave knowledge, yet I will never go back to school.

~I grew up 2 miles from town, yet I never went to town.

~I'm almost 34 years old and I'm still scared of the dark.

~I'm addicted to McDonald's Caramel Mocha's. (thanks bernie)

~I thank God everyday for my husband. I don't know what I would do without him.

~When my friends hurt, I hurt too.

Okay, I think that's enough about me for the day.  What about you? Tell me something about you that not everyone, if anyone, knows.

Happy Thursday Muffin, I hope you enjoyed your coffee and morning entertainment.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Huggs ♥ Love


  1. shy? you??
    I beg to differ,
    or we'll have to discuss this
    in some dark corner,
    just you and I...

    amongst my friends,
    I am THE Alpha Bitch!!

    I still dream of Tuscany,
    as if from an old life...

    10 days??????????????

    procastination, I know...

    You're human, that's all!!
    and that's alright.
    wouldn't have you any other way.
    I'd start calling you E.T.!!

    knowledge can be found outside school. Life is still the best school!!

    I rarely sleep outside of town, unless it is another town...

    my fear of darkness seems to be gone. be patient!! it may go too in your case, once you're MY age...
    actually, things look/feel better in the dark...

    I don't know your husband, but maybe I'd thank god if I knew him...
    (your husband, not god, though...)

    you have to learn to empathize rather than sympathize. you're only hurting yourself.

    something about me?
    I don't know...
    I'm at least halway done with this life,
    and I'm still scared by it.
    Not afraid of dying,
    just afraid of living it...

    typical human!!

    and as I always do:

    do you ever sleep?


    Yes I sleep lol, but the midgets didn't have school today so I knew I didn't have to get up early and Jason is on nights. I don't sleep well at night when he's not here.

    LOL yes, shy. Online is one thing, in person or over the phone I'm shy until I'm comfortable with you, corner or no corner. Just ask Jon!

    I wonder if Lucrecia (sp?) whould challenge you on that?

    I can see you now living in an apartment in the old section of town. Cigarette in mouth, camera at the ready, Carrie & Ophelia sitting in your window sill looking down at you, in the square, wondering where you're off to today.

    Oh, and I don't remember my dreams anymore. Only a few in the last 2 years.

    Yup, we "dated" for 10 days while he was home for Christmas leave. When it's right it's right. ;)

    Sometimes I think I'm from a different world, or at least living in one..

    Oh I have definitely been to a couple of sememsters of the school of hard knocks.

    I know! I know! But if I love you and your hurting I can't help it. Especially if it's because of something senseless...

    Haha! I know what feels good in the dark, but it's when I'm alone I get scared...

    You? Afraid?..Afraid or not, you're one of the bravest people I know, and I'm proud of you.

    Thanks for your wonderful comment.


    p.s. I always love your HUGZ & smiles. ;)

  3. Well honey.... you already know WAY too many things about me, way more than TeeBee!

    In fact, I'm starting to think you could cause me some trouble... maybe I should "off" you right away! *grin*

    Hugs (no "z" for me)

    p.s. Beautiful new look. Everything is perfect! ♥

  4. Oh Lordy! My cup runneth over! I simply adore you Corey Jo... For mostly the right reasons... *wink, wink*

    Somethings about me...

    I have some strange OCD... I have to load the dishwasher because I am convinced that no one else can do it right, but I just can not bring myself to emply it... Poor Earl.

    I also refuse to clean the bathtub... Once again, Poor Earl.

    I eat Steak almost cold in the center, and is disgusts everyone who eats with me so I usually have to reserve that treat for alone time.

    I read at break-neck speeds, often 4 or 5 books a week.

    I am an extreme Conservative with a clinical addiction to Starbucks and Shoes.

    I love Halloween more than Christmas.

    I hate Roses, but love Tulips and Peonies.

    I swear terribly. Treat my dogs like children and steal the covers and pillows.

    I have been in love with my husband since the first time I laid eyes on him and think he just as cute as anything.

    Food Network is always on in my house.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE you Corey Jo!


  5. I'm a maker
    A baker
    A candlestick taker

    I live for today
    I look to the future
    All outta cash?!? bit of a moocher

    I smell like a rose
    Lead with my chin
    Two loves in my life, one being sin

    Love me or leave me
    Hate's a strong word
    Neither here nor there? Simply absurd

    But when the day's done
    Had all my fun
    I add up my pluses
    Deduct what went wrong
    Sit down to write my silly gay song

    Be well, be happy, may you never feel crappy--


    P.S. I'm think'n you prolly know a bit too much about me too...good thing I have nothing to hide well placed man hands and a blushing smile can't cover.

  6. Hi Jon!

    Hey now! You can't off me. Who would be your Bonnie, or was I Clyde? I can never remember. Just know this, if you off me I'm going to dog your leather clad ass every moment of the day. You'll have to shower eventually . Muahahahaha!!

    I believe there is no such thing as knowing too much about a friend. I'm gonna love my friends faults, fetishes and all.

    Thank you, I'm glad you like the new changes to the blog. I was worried it was too much.

    Z's or no Z's your hugs are among the elite.


    p.s. no worries, I'll never tell what I know. ;)

  7. Any reason is a good reason to me BJ!

    I feel the same way about the dishwaser.

    You can eat steak with me anytime sugar. I like my steak to twitch and grunt, and it won't bother me if yours is mooing and trying to run off your plate.

    Before the internet corrupted me I used to read a book a day. More if they were 500 pages or less.

    I swear horribly too, but I'll not have that blasphemy on my blog BJ. Christmas is way better than Halloween! ;)

    I know you love tulips, you muffin lovin' girl you! hahaha!!

    Love you too BJ


  8. Rafa,

    Wow! I don't even know how to respond to this. It's so beautifully written I'm afraid I could never do it justice. What am I saying, I can't not give my opinion. Especially to you. Just don't expect it to rhyme. ;)

    You're a giver, a lover, no hater.

    You're a rock, a supporter, I'll not believe the moocher, unless it's pasta with a spicy red sauce and a good glass of wine. ;)

    I don't know about the smell of you but your words can create a bouquet that's worth bottling.

    I'll not believe your love a sin, and if it is just remember that no one is free of sin. If you're gonna sin it had better be worth it, and what's more worthy than love?

    I'll Love you as long as you don't leave me. Who am I kidding? I'd love you even then.

    I love your silly gay song because it's about your silly gay ass.

    You always give the best blessings which always feel like warm healing hugs.


    p.s I only know what you have given freely. What was once freely given has now been locked away deep in my Soul where it's being held safely.

  9. from reading this i see why we became fast online friends we are alot alike as for aomething no one knows well i could tell alot as not many people know the real me so what am I willing to tell.

    beyond my obession with Vampires and my love of music, books and art. the real me doesn't trust at least not fully i have a huge fear of people hurting me so I only let people part way in because i fear if i let them all the way in i will get my heart broken. so there a little tibit that not many people know if any really.


  10. Becca Honey, I'll take whatever you give and love you just the same. It's a fear we all have. Just know I'm always here for you, for anything.

    Big wiggly huggs


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