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  1. CoreyJo:
    You just touched upon a very tender part of your soul, and allowed it to BREATH! Beautiful words that any person that has ever felt alone, even for an instant, can relate to.

    You show me someone that hasn't felt exactly what you just poured, and I'll show you a fool that fools only himself or an out and out liar.

    It doesn't matter if you wrote this in the here and now or the long forgotten past, you shared a very vulnerable part of YOU and it is THAT which makes it so beautiful.

    Never stifle, never sensor, let your soul sing free, and you will always be heard.


  2. beautiful,powerful,intense and written with my exact feelings. You somehow crawled into my head and wrote what I was feeling. hugs.

    this is going into my keepsake folder.


  3. One of the most important things I've learned is that we are all fundamentally "alone" in this world. Better accept this fact and built our lives upon this simple truth.

    Raine Maria Rilke (1875-1925) in "Letters to a young poet" said the most beautiful things about this. I read that little book once every two years or so! In fact, your poem makes me want to read it now! I'll start with it right away.

    Happy Hump-day, ma chérie!

  4. Rafa

    Thank you for your never ending support. Your words always sooth my fears and feel like a giant warm hug. It is very hard for me to share like this as you very well know. I hope in the future I can be as brave as I was this day.

    You are a ray of sunshine that always brightens my day.


  5. Becca,

    Yet again we are as one. It must be fate.:) Thank you for your kind wonderful words.


  6. Jon

    I see what you're saying and I can't really dispute it. It's what we make of our lives that's important. It's just sometimes the aloneness is a bit over whelming.

    Thank you for your words, I'll have to check this book out. Sounds interesting.

    Câlins et gros bisou


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