Halloween Madness

I'm so bad about posting to my blog these days. I apologize. 

Halloween was a great time since Lily decided to embrace the darker side of the holiday by being a killer clown. She even made a girl at school cry just by making some faces at her. Her friends and teachers didn't even recognize her until she spoke aloud. Kiera was still going for cute and cuddly. She pulled it off famously as a furry black cat. 

I was most impressed with the girls ability to carve their own pumpkins this year. They applied the patterns and carved them out like professionals, only getting a little help from dad when it came time to use the drill for the eyes. Kiera chose an evil gnome and Lily chose the grim reaper. 

Even though it was cold and miserable out we all managed to have a blast. 



  1. Both phenomenal costumes!!!!!! But I must say Kiera has you face!!!!!!! No denying she is your daughter! And those pumpkins are amazing. They would have been a disaster had o tried.........

  2. Lilly... WOW!! So freaking scary! Wonderful costumes and awesome make up both of them. And you and I both know very well not to trust cute and cuddly, eh? *devilish smile*

    You may be a bad blogger but I am a bad follower. I apologize! ;D



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