What's what...

2012 was one Hell of a year. I'm happy to be able to say that as sad and heartbreaking as the year started out it wasn't all bad. Here's a quick timeline (sort of) to catch you up in case you missed something.


  • Bank account empty due to overspending and poor money management on our part. :-(
  • Cold as Hell yet not enough snow for the girls to use their new snow sleds from Santa. :-(
  • Watching the Sailor Senior slowly get worse from the cancer. :-(
  • Hanging out with my brother & sister in-law during these sad time. It was so wonderful to have them here with us. :-)

  • The Sailor turned 36 and I got to laugh at him when he realized that it really isn't all that old. :-)
  • Still cold as Hell, and still not enough snow for sledding. Lucky for us in the Sailors oh so advanced age he has become genius. He used the snow blower to move all the snow in the back yard onto the slide so the midgets & their aunt K, who I technically call a midget too, could go sledding. :-)
  • The Sailor Senior worsens and the Sailor takes leave from work to help with his fathers care. :-(
  • My beloved sister in-law (the aforementioned Aunt K) turned 40!! Whoot! Whoot! She doesn't look 40 (cow!!) (you know I love you ♥ )).  :-)

  • Still EFFING cold!! No more snow. :-(
  • Just now recovering from end of year financial crisis. :-)
  • Sailor Senior takes a turn for the worse. Brother in-Law is helping the Sailor take care of their dad. :-(
  • The Sailor and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. :-)
  • The short midget (Kiera) turned 7 on St. Patrick's Day. :-)
  • Later that night (st.pats day) The Sailor Senior passed away to better place. :-(
  • The tall midget (Lily) turned 11. :-)
  • Warmer weather!  :-)
  • Funeral Service for the SS  :-(
  • Family drama blow up extraordinaire :-((
  • Not much happened in May, I really can't think of anything that sticks out as special either good or bad. :-)
  • End of school year :-)
  • Started our home renovation. :-)
  • Endured a stressful home renovation :-|
  • Finished our home renovation. :-)
  • Bank account is now empty again, if not negative. I really couldn't tell you. I try to block the really bad stuff out :-(
  • Weather is HOT HOT HOT HOT and dry... Ugghhh!! :-(
  • Just finished the renovation and left the same day for a week of camping... Most miserable week outdoors ever!!! :-(
  • Came home from the worst camping trip ever to a wonderfully new and beautifully renovated home! :-)))
  • Unpacked my house... mostly :-|
  • Became sick and stayed sick for the rest of the month of July.
  • Stayed sick the entire month of August also. :-(
  • Still trying to unpack my house, mainly the kitchen. :-(
  • Prepare for the new school year :-)
  • Horrific accident involving family members (all who are well and doing fine now) :'(
  • Midgets are back in school!!!!! :-))
  • Bank account still empty... trying to recover from the renovation.. :-/
  • Go to the doctor because I'm STILL sick!! Anti's helped but boy was I hurting.. :-(
  • Weather finally cools off :-)
  • Celebrate Maggie Alice's Birthday (she would have been 5 in 2012) with friends and family. A good day indeed. Very good :-))
  • Same day I wrecked my car in a one on one car vs. deer on M43...
  • Honored the third anniversary of Maggie Alice's death. Therapeutic and heartbreaking. :-|
  • Halloween!! The girls were exactly what they wanted to be for the first time ever!! A Zebra dressed up as a clown, and a spider witch! :-))
  • Got my car back all spiffy and new looking. :-)
  • Didn't fully recover financially but we at least got all caught up. :-)
  • Thanksgiving was a simple affair with just the four of us. :-)
  • Had a sex toy party to help launch my friends new career. It Was A Fabulous Time!! :-)))
  • Got ahead financially and was able to give the girls a grand Christmas.!! :-))
  • I turned 35 on the day the earth was supposed to end....Thankfully the Mayans were wrong! :-)
  • The Crud that was going around the schools decided to show it's ugly face in our house. One Person At A Time!!! :-(
  • Despite the crud infecting us we managed to have a sick free & joyful Christmas morning & day :-))
  • New Years Eve was spent Celebrating a 65th wedding anniversary and later we rang in the new year with some wonderful friends. Love You Muffin!! :-))
So that's my year in review. There's more stuff that probably should have been added and I'm sure there was stuff I might should have left out.. Oh well, it's me and by now you should be used to the way I do things. Like I said it was a sad and heartbreaking year, yet it wasn't all bad. I know I haven't posted much this year, and that's one of the sad parts, but believe me I haven't given up blogging yet!

Until next time


  1. Whew... You had more than your share of heartbreak and heartache. Now, for 2013, let the good times roll! Hugs to you, the midgets, and the Sailor (I know he's man enough for them!). Pat

  2. Haha! I remember that song, Let the good times Roll. Yes lets have a grand time in 2013!! And yes the Sailor is man enough for a hug!

    Thank you! Big hugs back Pat!

  3. wow the fact you survived is an awesome thing hugs

    1. It's been a tough year for both of us! But us old birds can handle it!


  4. Yes I am!! But it says the video isn't available in my country :-( BOO!!


  5. Happy 2013!! It's been awhile since I have stopped by the blogosphere and I love, love, love you new (possibly old?)look (Tiffany!!). I was so happy to see your timeline; it really helped me to catch up quickly. Personally I'm a bit of a mess (again) so I'm sure you'll see me stopping by more often, but that's a good thing. Love you more than words, girly girl!! xoxo Have a great rest of the week!

    1. No worries love. We're all a mess, and my door is always open! :) You are the only one who caught the Tiffany Blue! I figured that a timeline was the best way to catch everyone up on my year since I didn't post all that much. Love you Pretty Lady! xoxo



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